Sunday, June 25, 2006


Around the time the Maoists were distributing blankets among India's poor,marginalized and shivering citizens, the Government of India spent
Rs 40 Crore (approximately
9 million US $)

on a 11 eleven-minute show at the recently concluded CommonWealth Games in Melbourne

Bollywood stars like
Priyanka Chopra and Lara Dutt got 1 crore each
for simply waving to the crowds. And the so-called face of Indian cinema
Aishwarya Rai's fake patriotism was exposed when she boasted of performing
at the ceremony just for patriotic reasons.
Aishwarya Rai's Patriotism costs - Rs 3 crore

The organizer of the event, Mr. Viraf Sarkar of Wizcraft says that Bollywood stars were showcasing our country.

Parasites belonging to the Shiamak Davar Group hooked on to this vulgar event
and 400 of them were flown in from India so that they could eventually shake their booty in Australia.

Shiamak Davar's Freeloaders

I know for sure that there are more talented
and patriotic people in Jana Natya Mandali's(JNM- Peoples Dance Group)
managed by the CPI(Maoist)

Instead of spending 40 Crores on these parasites we could have bought
20,00,000 blankets and distributed it to the poor and needy.

Thats not it

In early Jan 2006
when 172 Indians had died from a 2-week
cold wave in North India due to lack of adequate clothing and food.
P. Chidambaram was in Davos at the World Economic Forum distributing
iPod's loaded with Indian pop and classical music,
a piece of traditional art, some ayurvedic oils
and hold your breath ...

Pashmina Shawls !


In the evenings, the bars at several hotels will host India hours,
where Indian wine, beer, and snacks -- such as samosas and kebabs
will be dished up by the famous Indian chef Hemant Oberoi.

The governement spent 13 Crore (3 million US $) on this vulgar campaign.
With 13 Crore rupees we could have bought 6,50,000 Blankets.
The world economic forum is place where rich elite capitalists
get together and pat each others back's.
P.Chidambaram is India's Finance Minister
(Now I know what the P stands for )

Shame on Mr Chidambaram !
Shame on us all !
Down with UPA !

Red Salute to the Maoists who despite the State repression and
scarce resources have once again come to the aid of the people.

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  1. booke marnevalonko kuch nahi
    show karnvale ISh ko sub kuch deneke liye tayaar hai hmare politicle leadr!


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