Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Setbacks ! - Top maoist leader Suresh killed

Maoist top guns killed in Andhra.

Three Maoist leaders have been gunned down in Andhra Pradesh in separate incidents, causing what police say is a major setback to the extremist movement in the state.

In the first incident, a platoon commander of the CPI-Maoist was gunned down in Guntur district on Sunday. In the second, two guerrillas were killed in another gunfight in Khammam district.

According to police, Suresh, a platoon commander of Palnadu region, was killed when police stopped a motorcycle in which he was riding pillion near Dachepalli. While the rider sped away, Suresh jumped from the two-wheeler and began firing at the police. He died on the spot in the retaliatory fire that followed, officials said.

Earlier, a top Maoist leader Mattam Ravikumar was shot dead in Yerragondapalem in the same district on Friday.


You can kill people , but you cannot kill ideas.

Kill a hundred Naxals and you will most likely have a thousand in their place.

The ideas of Marxism-Leninism-Maoism are spreading like wildfire
throught out India and there is no force known to mankind that has the
power to stop it in its tracks.( maybe they should try praying next ? )

Hail the Heroic Martyrdom of your Leaders !

Let us renew our pledge and remember the sacrifices made
by our comrades for the downtrodden and oppressed and
we hope it inspires us all to serve the people better !

Lal Salaam !


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