Monday, July 31, 2006

Making History - By Saketh Rajan

Front Cover of Making History - Volume II by Saki

Based on a wide range of primary and secondary sources this book makes
an analytical narrative of the development of Karnataka history
from the time of British conquest of Karnatka in 1799 till the War
of Independence in 1857.

Contrary to biased history writing,it makes a comprehensive
and objective presentation of the people's history of
Karnataka,adopting the mathodology of Historical Materialism.

Back Cover of Making History - Volume II by Saki

Comrade Saketh Rajan - Author of the path breaking book

Sold Out

Comrades a few months back I came to know that
Comrade Saketh Rajan's books have been SOLD OUT !
Both volume 1 and 2 have gone out of stock !

To check if that was true,I made the round of several bookstores
based in bangalore like Sapna's , Gangarams and other smaller bookstores
and all of them revealed that they had gone out of stock.

This path breaking book written by Comrade Saketh Rajan is now
being taught in Universities in Karnataka !

As his books are devoured by readers young and old
throughout the world, a thousand Saketh Rajan's are all set to bloom.

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