Friday, July 14, 2006

Maoists in bangladesh regroup as Naxalites

Not many people are aware about the revolutionary situation in Bangladesh.
The movement has suffered immense repression from the state and at the hands of
the Jagrata Muslim Janata Bangladesh (JMJB), an Islamist vigilante outfit that espouses the ideals of the Taliban,and is currently attempting to ensure that the northwestern region of the country is 'swept clean' of the activities of left-wing groups, primarily the Purbo Banglar Communist Party (PBCP).

The notorious islamo-fascist bangla bhai
has played a direct role in the capture and killings of many maoist cadre.

Bangladesh Maoists regroup as " Naxalites "

Outlaws moot new plan at 'secret' meets in Khulna

Staff Correspondent, Khulna

Top leaders of four underground parties held two secret meetings in last 15 days inside a state-owned jute mill at Khalishpur.

The leaders who attended the meetings were founder of Janajuddho faction of Pubra Banglar Communist Party (PBCP) Abdur Rashid Malitha alias Dada Tapan, Pulok of PBCP Lalpataka faction, Dr Tutul and Madhu Babu of Chinnamul Communist Party and two leaders of Sramajibi Mukti Andolan.

At the meeting they decided to work together for a common goal in the name of 'Naxalite Movement'.

They had a threadbare discussion on the modus operandi of the proposed Naxalite Movement. But they did not take any decision about their role during rule of the next caretaker government and which of the political parties to be supported in the next general election.

Dada Tapan reportedly told the meetings that Khulna city Awami League president Manjurul Imam and Dainik Janmabhumi Editor Humayun Kabir Balu were killed by some expelled cadres of PBCP for their personal gains. PBCP Janajuddho never wanted to kill the AL leader and the journalist, he said. Dada Tapan was in Khulna since the last week of June, the sources said.

The source said leaders of the four underground parties unanimously decided to take revenge against "killing" of their party cadres in crossfire.

The parties have started recruiting more members and collecting funds and will start "operations" after takeover by the caretaker government, the sources said.


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