Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Maoists strike back against Salwa Judum( State Sponsered Terror Campaign) activists

There has been extremely biased media reporting
The media totally ignored the Devarpalli Massacare
in which anywhere between 40 to 150 maoist sympathisers were
killed in cold blood in the most brutal manner with hand
grenades by Salwa Judum(state sponsered terror campaign)
activists but when the maoists retalitate against these atrocities
the media screams itself hoarse...

The blame squarely lies on the government which has pitted inadequately
armed tribals against the superior Maoist army.
The CRPF(Cowardly Reserve Police Force) also uses these tribals
as shields regularly while launching attacks against maoists.

27 'Salva Judum'(State sponsered terror campaign) activists killed

Staff Reporter

Maoists kidnap 28 tribals in Chhattisgarh

BHADRACHALAM (Andhra Pradesh): At least 27 tribal activists of `Salva Judum' that calls itself a peace rally but in reality is a state sponsered terror campaign were killed and 40 others injured in a major offensive launched by CPI (Maoist) cadre on Erraboru base camp in Dantewada district of Chhattisgarh in the early hours of Monday. The naxalites also kidnapped 28 others, including women.

They razed to the ground all the 120 houses built by the administration for sheltering the 'Salva Judum' activists, who have been spearheading the anti-Maoist campaign in the Bastar region under the leadership of Congress leader Mahendra Karma. Some of the tribals were burnt alive as the Maoists set fire to the camp. Youth who attempted to flee were either shot or hacked to death.

400 militants join attack

According to information reaching here, the carnage was led by the Dandakaranya military platoon of the Maoists headed by Gajerla Ashok alias Aitha. The platoon was accompanied by about 400 militants — all loyalist Gothikoyas from the forest villages along the inter-State border with Andhra Pradesh. Police said that about 100 of them carried firearms.

Siege of CRPF camps

Before launching their attack on the camp, the naxalites laid siege to the nearby camps of the Central Reserve Police Force (CRPF) and confined the three platoons of police to their base. One company of the CRPF Naga Battalion was stationed just 10 kilometres away from the place but the naxalites blocked the road preventing any reinforcement.


Its really a sad day
because when tribals kill tribals
it is the non-tribals who are waiting to jump in and expoit the mineral wealth
and virgin forests who win.

Maybe this is all a part of Manmohan Singh's grand scheme wherin by pitting
the poorest of the poor against each other he plans to wipe out poverty and eliminate
the poor in this country while making the land easier for corporations t0 exploit.

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