Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Mining Mafia along with state legislative terrorists raise Private Army

With the wealth looted from the people and the supernormal profits that they make by exploiting workers and workers wealth , state legislative terrorists and the mining mafia have raised army.

Nobody has a problem with this but when the workers join the Peoples Guerilla
Liberation Army(PGLA) to safeguard the people's wealth and workers interests
all hell breaks lose !

(Note : It is almost impossible to distinguish who is a state legislative
terrorist and who belongs to the mining mafia, there is just too much
overlapping )

'Karnataka mining mafia' and 'state legislative terrorists' together raise a Private Army

BANGALORE: Mine owners of Bellary are no VVIPs. Yet their lives are under such high risk that they have private armies — more than the Z category VVIP security — to ensure their safety! These armies do not come from anywhere.

Advertisements are issued in newspapers in Mumbai, Hyderabad and Chennai and only the tough are chosen. And to ensure a high level of security and reduce chances of infiltration, they are changed every six months!

Even a small mine owner has a minimum of three bodyguards. Big players like suspended BJP State Legislative terrorist Janardhan Reddy have several layers of security. "At any give point of time, there will be about 25 men around him.

Recently, he hired four former CISF personnel from Uttar Pradesh as his personal guards. Each of them is paid about Rs 15,000 per month excluding food and shelter," sources close to him said.

The threats to life are many: Not only rival mine owners, but politicians, who are inescapably linked with the mining sector, are lurking dangers.

Topping these are the pseudo-Naxals, who extort an average Rs 10 lakh per month from the mine owners. Result: Not only their homes, even vehicles escorting mine owners are packed with men and arms.

"They carry vehicle rods instead of machetes and swords. So, even if they are caught by the police, they escape saying the rods are for changing tyres," sources added. Most mine owners have gone in for imported sports utility vehicles.

Their drivers are trained to drive at top-speed of 200 kmph on highways and 80-100 kmph on the small roads. The convoy is huge for those owning mines on the Andhra Pradesh border. Reason: Fear of landmines and ambush by the neighbouring Anantapur district's factional lords.

Mine owners keep making frequent trips to Kurnool and Hyderabad in AP, so at least 15 to 20 vehicles with their men escort each of them. Surprise element is included —- the mine owners change routes and destinations at the last minute.


Wonder how many skeletons they have buried in their backyards ?

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