Saturday, July 29, 2006

Piravi (The Birth) (1988) - Review

The movie is inspired by the 'Rajan Case' that occurred in Kerala during the time of the emergency in 1978. The Chief Minister of the State attended a college function where a boy sang a song against him. The boy was caught by the police, brutally tortured in the police station where he died.

Piravi (The Birth) (1988)
is an award-winning feature film directed by Shaji N. Karun. The film is in Malayalam. It stars Premji, Archana and Lakshmi Krishnamurthy. The film's music is composed by G. Aravindan. Piravi met with widespread critical acclaim upon release. The film was screened and very well received at many film festivals across the world. It won the Golden Lotus Award for Best Film at the National Film Awards in 1989.


Piravi on Wikipedia

Piravi on IMDB

Comrades I do not have the movie right now
but I will try and get it soon and if possible.
I will host it online.


  1. Gaganjit Aulakh7/26/2011 08:06:00 PM

    The day civilization started on planet to the day it perishes,only one rule follow,MIGHT IS RIGHT.People like Rahul Gandhi,many others like him boast rubbishly,as about creation of Bangladesh it is made to go unnoticed.But in this democracy common man's freedom of expression is also demarcated,by attitudes,moods of law enforcing agencies.

  2. sometimes the mighty in India can manipulate anything Feeling sad at the loss of a young life


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