Sunday, July 09, 2006

Prakash Singh - I.P.S

The Naxalite movement draws its sustenance from the grievances of the people which have not been addressed- it is unlikely that the movement would be contained in the near future. --- Prakash Singh
(Senior retired I.P.S officer )

The above quote is taken from the preface of his book
"The Naxalite Movement in India".
Mr.Prakash Singh is a senior I.P.S officer(now retired)and is all praise for the resilience of the Naxalite movement and even goes on to state that
it is futile to try and combat them without addressing serious
issues of governance and corruption in the establishment.

Mr Prakash Singh's words carry weight because he is one of the most experienced I.P.S officers in the country and has spent a large part of his career trying to combat the insurgencey in Nagaland,Punjab,Kashmir and Assam. He was also awarded the 'Padma Shree' in 1991.

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