Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Propoganda Wars

State makes baseless claims that Naxalites are connected to LeT to malign the revolutionary movement

From Deccan Chronicle dt Jul 5 2006

LeT ties up with Naxalites to earn sympathy

Bangalore, July 4: In what is being described by intelligence agencies as disturbing, the Pakistan-backed Lashkar-e-Tayyabba (LeT) has established a close rapport with the Naxalites operating in the backward Hyderabad-Karnataka region of the State.

“This is a master strategy adopted by the LeT to build sympathy among the Naxal supporters who are well versed with day-to-day developments in the region. The LeT hopes it will enable them to plan their activities accordingly and change strategies as and when required. Most Naxal sympathisers mingle easily with the weaker sections and downtrodden and the LeT hopes to make use of this to gain their sympathy. This nexus could pose a serious problem to internal security in future,” an intelligence officer told this newspaper.

Explaining the psychological and tactical advantage for the LeT from its nexus with the Naxals, a top intelligence official said, “Most members of LeT sleeper cells are also active Naxal sympathisers in Bellary, Raichur, Gulbarga and Bidar districts. If a crime is committed by the terrorist organisation, the police would find it difficult to pinpoint the culprit as a LeT activist could be a Naxal sympathiser, who would have a horde of intellectuals and organisations to support him. What is pertinent is that unlike the Naxals, no individual or organisation has spoken in support of the LeT till now. It may not be so in future.”

According to sources, the LeT, which is quick at setting up base in Muslim-dominated areas, has a three-dimensional advantage in Hyderabad-Karnataka. “Bellary, Bidar, Gulbarga and Raichur have large chunks of Muslim population and are also shelter zones for the Naxals from neighbouring Andhra Pradesh. All these districts are also close to Hyderabad, which is the hub of the LeT’s Bangladesh module,” an official explained.

A LeT sleeper cell is a loosely knit body of individuals who are dormant and inconspicuous but provide logistical and psychological support to LeT members for a terrorist act. This was evident in the attack on a Delhi IIT professor, Prof. M.C. Puri at the Indian Institute of Science campus on December 28 last year. Though the city police has collected a lot of information about the extent of the LeT’s support-base in Karnataka, the assailant is still elusive.

I can assure you of one thing,if at any point of time I find
out that the leaders of the Naxal Movement directly support
Islamo-fascists like LeT then I will be among the first to
disassociate myself from them and I won't be only one to do so.

The naxalite movement has nothing in common with Islamo-fascist
organisations like the LeT.Morever our leaders know that it is
political suicide to associate with such organisations.

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