Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Salwa-Judum : Rape two ,murder one for free ! Hurry offer open till Tribals last !

Government of Chhattisgarh proudly presents

Salwa-Judum : Rape two ,murder one for free !

Hurry offer open till Tribals last !

Quote on Salwa Judum
The Salwa Judum represents an abdication of the responsibility
for governance. It will lead to the militarisation and
criminalisation of society. It will result in civil war and
the nation will pay for it for a long time.

- Mr D R Kaartikeyan, former Director General of CRPF

List of women raped and hacked to death by Salwa Judum goons,CRPF and Naga Battalion and State Police Forces

List of people killed by state police, Naga police, para-military forces and goons in the name of Salwa Judum(Partial)

List of villages burnt by Vigilante Gangs of Salwa Judum, CRPF, Naga Police and State Police Forces(Partial)

For full coverage on Salwa judum Click Here!


  1. I am sorry about this.
    i'm a law student, n i wont pretend to be very up to date on whats going on..
    but someone has to say sorry. n i will say it this time.

  2. there aint a coin wiyhout two sides,one is yours and other aint mine. an eye for an eye will makethe whole world blind. to fight the system fight within, because your rudimentary way of fightin wont help anyone. a lot can be gained out of piece. give it a chance

  3. Veersehwar Majhi7/08/2007 12:31:00 AM

    glorifying a small incident to such a
    level warrants a acrimonious admonishment...you rascals...


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