Monday, August 14, 2006

Maoists to continue debate on joining electoral process

Maoists to continue debate on joining electoral process

New Delhi, Aug 12: The Maoists of India and Nepal today said they have decided to continue ideological debate on the "true democratic traditions" of the International Communist movement, especially on the question of joining the electoral process.

A joint statement on ideological debate was issued here at a time when the Nepal Maoists are playing a leading role in the democratic mainstream movement against the monarchy.

In the statement, the Maoist Communist Parties of India and Nepal reasserted their "firm unity" on "proletarian internationalism" and decided to continue the debate both bilaterally and publicly.

Observing that "a section of media has tried to blow out of proportion the differences that have been expressed by the two parties publicly", spokesperson of CPI(Maoist) Azad and CPN(Maoist) central committee member Satya said "such differences are inevitable as struggles in the sphere of ideas are inevitable in a class society".

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