Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Police continue to harrass and intimidate progressive peoples movement's in karnataka

Police continue to harrass and intimidate
progressive peoples movement's in KARNATAKA

Police planning to stage Fake Encounters.

A report

In the year 2001 when people started dying because
of hunger, People's Union for Civil Liberties, went
to the Supreme Court with facts and figures and
argued that in spite of excessive stock of rice /
wheat and other food grains people are dying out of
starvation. Supreme Court ordered that it is
Governments responsibility to see that nobody dies
of starvation.

From then on a movement known has
"Right to Food" campaign headed by one Belgian by
name Jean Dreze, started. This campaigner while on
such a campaign in Chattisgarh was beaten up by the
police saying that he was a Naxalite. Police simply
wanted an excuse this man who had become
inconvenient to the Government.

In Chikamagalur on 01-October-2005, a Librarian was
arrested because Police found some Naxal pamphlets
in the library. Nobody knew who had placed them
there. In all likelihood they were planted by the
Police and a fake case was booked.

On 28-September-2005 Shri. B.S. Sial, the present
D.G. and I.G.P. of Karnataka, said in Mysore, that
"Naxalite ideology without violence cannot be
faulted". He also said that it is a social problem.

We say the same. Nothing less, Nothing more. He
further said that some intellectuals and professors
are supporting Naxalite ideology. This amounts to a
crime. See the contrary and confused mind of the
Police. On his own argument Sial should be arrested
because he is supporting Naxalite ideology. But
while saying their ideology cannot be faulted, in
the same breath he calls professors and
intellectuals who support Naxal ideology as

In the year 2003 two social workers (young ladies)
were murdered by the Udupi Police in Eedu village of
Karkala. Several human rights organizations came
together in Dakshina Kannada, Udupi and Bangalore,
prepared their own fact finding reports and found
the police guilty.

In Mangalore various groups came
together and arranged for "awareness programmes" in
Eedu village and Mangalore University and the Town
Hall. The Corporation Authorities and University
authorities sponsored these progammes. 'Gadar' the
famous Telegu 'balladeer' was invited to grace the

From then on the Police have interrogated
several professors, social activists and virtually
threatened them.

From then on Police have started preparing a list of
various sympathizers, human rights organizations,
etc. and others who blamed the police for their fake
encounters and are making arrangements to brand some
of then as Naxalites and plans are afoot to include
the names of some of them as accused in the
encounters that are likely to take place in the
future anywhere in the state or outside the state.

This happened to Prof. Nagari Babbayya of Bangalore
University, already. Incriminating evidence, arms,
literature is likely to be created and planted in
their house and offices and taken into custody under
fabricated cases.

To protect the genuine activists in various
movements and causes this is the right time to plan
a action plan to counter the Police menace and
Police mischief. Some professors of Bangalore and
Kuvempu Universities have been continuously harassed
by the Police just because they discuss about Naxal

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