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If you have read the post above this, you will realise that
there are no reports to suggest links between Indian naxalites and Lashkar-e-Taiba as per the information given by the
Minister of State for Home, Shri Sriprakash Jaiswal in written
reply to a question in the Lok Sabha on August 1st.

Which can be verified and accessed here at the Press Information Bureau website.

Despite this clear clarification vested interests and reactionary forces
manipulate and disseminate wrong information an example
of which is given in news item below which appeared a day after India's Minister of
State for Home clearly denied any links between Indian naxalites and Laskar-e-Taiba.

Maoists have links with Naxalites: India


NEW DELHI, Aug 2 - Even as the peace process gathers momentum in Nepal, it's official in India that Indian Naxal outfits have ideological and logistic links with Nepalese Maoists.

Indian Minister of State for Home Prakash Jaiswal told the lower house of parliament, Lok Sava, in a written reply Tuesday said, " Indian Naxals [Maoists] are reported to have ideological and logistic links with Nepalese Maoists."
The Naxals, in turn, have links with Islamic organizations
like Lashkar-e-Taiba, he added.

Over 200 districts in 14 Indian states are grappling with the menace of Naxal activities such as bombings of railway and other infrastructures and attacks on security patrols. India has adopted a two-pronged approach -- counter insurgency and economic development -- to deal with the crisis described as number one threat to national security.

According to Jaiswal, other measures include "strengthening of border management to check infiltration, galvanizing the intelligence machinery, ensuring improved technology, weaponry and equipment for security forces both at the Centre and in the States, neutralizing plans of terrorist/anti-national elements through well-coordinated intelligence-based operations."


Remember this carefully Do not believe anything that you hear about the naxalites or
the naxalite movement
in the mainstream media.

Of late one can identify a clear effort to club the Naxalite
movement in India with Islamo-fascist organisations.
When they have absolutely nothing in common.

This is all part of a elaborate plan to malign the
revolutionary movement.

I demand that immediately withdraw
this reactionary propoganda article and publish an apology
on their webpage.

I also hope the online maoist sympathisers based in Nepal
will take note of this blatant propoganda attempt by
and take suitable counter-measures.

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