Thursday, August 31, 2006

Slick Naxalites slip out of the hands of clumsy demoralised Anti-Naxal Force

Slick Naxalites slip out of the hands of clumsy demoralised Anti-Naxal Force

A group of 8-10 Naxalites who had resided at a house at Kadegundi near Shringeri managed to escape by a whisker from Anti-Naxal Force (ANF) during the combing operations on Tuesday August 29 morning.

The ANF and Shringeri police staff had gone for a combing operation at Kadegundi on Monday August 28 night. Kadegundi which is near Bukyadi Bail near Nemmar is surrounded by woods and rivulets. Police had reached the place by walking more than 13 kilometres via Yedagunda and Mundodi.

Having received a sure tip-off that Naxals were residing in a hide-out, the ANF and police team had managed to reach the spot by crawling their way. It was after 8 am on Tuesday morning that the police spotted a sentry keeping vigil at Kadegundi. He was busy reading newspaper of Sunday. Since the place is surrounded by rivulets and a small water fall, sentry could not hear the sound of the police surrounding him from all corners. The only difficulty that was faced by the police that they had climb up a hillock.

It was when the police were just 7-8 feet away from him that he saw the them. He immediately signaled the coming of the police and warned his associates. He also passed a message to the next sentry and fled the place. Another person who was on a tree, also managed to escape. Though police carried out extensive search operations in that area, the Naxalites who have thorough knowledge of the forests, managed to escape.

The police found Sunday's newspaper, a pair of footwear, a biscuit pack and a chocolate pack on the spot. The 10 inch Bata footwear is similar to the one police seized from Mallika, a Naxalites who had been arrested some time ago.

The police are still carrying out search operations in the area.


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