Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Stop this madness !

Madness grips Hindu's !

A baby fights for survival at his mothers shrivelled breasts.

The above picture is from Africe but then we don't even have to look that
far we have had starvation deaths in India a week ago in Muzzafar hunger drove a Mother to sell her 3 day old baby for 21 Rs(approximately 50 US cents)

She was unable to feed herself and her new-born child and therefore decided to sell her and settle at her native place, reports said.

Muzaffarpur district, incidentally, has been in the news for all the wrong reasons for the last over two months. Two Dalits including a woman killed themselves for want of food in two separate incidents. The third starvation death occurred in Begusarai district.

And what do upper and middle class Hindus do to alleviate the
hunger of the suffering masses(dalits,tribals and adivasi's) ?
They feed milk to their gods.

Got Milk ?

Idols across India begin drinking Milk!

And as if that wasn't enough

In Maharashtra where more than 700 farmers have commited suicide in just
one small region of Vidharba
,the sai baba temple which
plans to build a solid gold throne for holy man Sai Baba,
whose statue is housed there.This temple is barely 200km away from
the farmer suicide belt of Vidharba

About 251kg (553lb) of gold will be needed, at an estimated
cost of nearly $4.8m (220m rupees,£2.5m).

Silver is out.Gold is in
Saibaba needs a gold throne or else he won't be cool enough
for the brain washed masses!

Golden Throne for Indian Shrine

Who will stop society from further decay ?

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