Sunday, August 06, 2006

Tech-savvy Maoists worry police

The veracity and accuracy of this news report is not known.

In all likelyhood it is more state propoganda
to build up fear in the minds of the people.
A fearful public is more likely to sanction permission for
brutal state repression.

Tech-savvy Maoists worry police


Ranchi: Maoist guerrillas in India are now using the latest in technology to thwart security forces.

The Maoists have set up technical wings, which employ IT experts on monthly pay, to draw up plans to develop more potent explosives, tap governmental messages and get the latest on techniques on guerrilla warfare, say police officials here.

"The Communist Party of India-Maoist's (CPI-Maoist) technical wing has employed IT experts on a monthly basis. The monthly payment varies between Rs6,000 and Rs15,000, (Dh500-1,250)," a police official with the anti-extremist squad told IANS.

The IT experts draw up plans for developing indigenous landmines and bombs as well as draw maps of government installations and sketches of prisons.

According to a report of the state intelligence (special branch), Maoists have set up two technical wings one each for southern and northern zones. Each zone has four experts at the top level.

The report reveals that the Maoists have developed technology to prepare dangerous landmines by mixing 80 per cent aluminium nitrate with 20 per cent diesel.

"The Maoists' technical wing is equipped with the latest technology. They have computers, laptops and experts. They can develop the latest landmines which can neutralise our attacks," the police official said.

"The technical wing intercepts our wireless messages and decodes them and informs about our activities to their red squad," he said.

The Maoists are also training their cadres on handling sophisticated weapons. The source claimed that the rebels spent more than Rs2 million (Dh) 166,667) on their technical wing.

"The Indian Maoists get technology and sophisticated weapons from their Nepal counterparts and Sri Lankan Tamil guerrillas," he said. The security forces are worried over the development.

"The Maoists know about the strength of the security forces. They know about the weapons, anti-landmine vehicles and other things used against them. Maoists are exploring the means to neutralise our strength and trap us.

"They also keep themselves updated with the latest guerrilla warfare techniques in use in other parts of the world," he said.


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