Monday, August 28, 2006

We are Naxalites- We don't die We Multiply !

To use a phrase from Blackmanwithalibrary
We are Naxalites - We don't die- We Multiply !

I would like to use this occasion to introduce other pro-naxal bloggers
in blogosphere.

But before that let me define who a Pro-Naxal Blogger is

Pro-Naxal Blogger(PNB):

A pro-naxal blogger is essentially a blogger who views the Naxalite
movement favorably even though he may not agree with everything
that the Naxalites do.He may not be actively involved in the
movement but does not rule out active participation when the
circumstances are more favorable or the movement undergoes
a favorable transition.He usually has a small group of
like minded friends who are sympathizers to the cause and has no
contact whatsoever with the Armed Naxalite Squads(dalam's,dasta's).

This defination may be subject to revision in the near future.

Now I would like to introduce you all to some fine pro-naxal bloggers.

The Red Blood -

Naxalnest -

Ajad Hind -

Naxals in India -

Cuckoo's Call -

And last but not the least

Peoplesmarch -
which is maintained by Peoplesmarch

If you have a point to make or discuss about the CPI(Maoist)
then the peoplesmarch blog is the place to do it.

There are several international pro-maoist bloggers on my newly
added blogroll do check them out also.

If you enjoyed this blog,then I am sure you will enjoy these fine blogs
too.Do read them ,encourage them and share your views,opinions with
these fine people.

Let a thousand blogs bloom !

Annoucement !

As you can see there have been some changes in the design of Naxal Revolution.

We have added a guest book.
Please sign the guestbook ---> Here

Comments have now been disabled
This is mainly because I am unable to reply satisfactorily all the
comments that are posted and many a time I miss them because
of the large number of posts.

Hence in future if you have a point to discuss or want to point out
a mistake pleas use the suggestions and feedback form.

That way you can be assured of a reponse from our side.

You can now use this form to contact us with your
queries,tips,suggestions. Here

I encourage you all to actively use this form

All these forms are available at the top right hand corner of the website.

Thank you

Team Naxalrevolution

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