Saturday, September 16, 2006

Discontent reaches a new high in the Indian Army , Major shot dead .

The Indian Army has been reduced to nothing more than
an instrument of our ruling classes,
who are used to supress nationalities and people's movement's

But of late one is seeing large scale discontentment and rebellion.
Slowly but surely our Jawans are realising that they are but pawns
in the games played by India's ruling classes.

Next year shall mark the 150th anniversary of Mangal Pandey's Revolt.

Will the Jawans of the Indian Army rise up in revolt and join
the Peoples's Guerilla Liberation Army to pay the ultimate
tribute to Mangal Pandey ?

Time will tell...

Major shot dead by jawan in Rajouri district

Jammu: A Major was shot dead by a soldier he had rebuked at a forward post in Rajouri district. Major Harsh Kumar, hailing from Jaipur and posted with a Rashtriya Rifles unit, was shot dead by Naik Ravi Kumar at an isolated post in Thanamandi area on Wednesday night, a Defence Ministry spokesman said here.

Fifth such case

This was the fifth case of a soldier shooting a superior in the last two years. The Army has opened two psychiatric counselling centres in the Northern and

Eastern commands to deal with stress-related problems of the personnel. "The Major commanding a unit engaged in counter- insurgency operations had given a dressing down to Kumar, following which Kumar shot him," Army source said.

Inquiry ordered

Kumar was taken into custody and the Army has ordered a court of inquiry into the incident. According to figures tabled in Parliament by the Government, 91 instances of suicides or army personnel shooting their colleagues or superiors have occurred in the past five years.

Defence Minister Pranab Mukherjee had informed Parliament recently that a probe had found that personnel involved in such cases had been were affected by personal, medical, family or leave-related problems. — PTI


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