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Lal Salaam to Comrade Ramesh

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Lal Salaam to Comrade Ramesh !


* Ramesh alias Shivakumar.
* s/o Babaiah.
* Two sisters , two brothers.
* B.A graduate.

Year 1989: - Shivakumar went to visit villages of Raichur district. He
went with a group in a programme called 'hallige nadeyiri'[walk to villages]
where he saw the problems of poor people and how they were
harrased by the landlords. He came in contact with Saket rajan.

Year 1993-1995: - With a group of youth with similar principles,Shivakumar
reached the border villages to organize people to fight for their justice.
There he called himself as RAMESH. Within 5-6 years , by his hard
work and sincerity he became one of the important leaders
of the peoples war group.

Death land ruled by landlords!!:- Yapaladinni, Jegarakallu,
Aathkooru, Korthagundha, Vaddepalli, Dongarapura,
Palavnadoddi, Pothagallu, Appanadoddi, Naganadoddi,
Ganjalli, Madidoddi-- team lead by Ramesh visited these villages.
Leave education and standard of living you can't call them
humans after seeing their way of living.

LANDLORDS:- They owned 50-100 acres of dry land.
In addition to that they had link with police and political
system. With their help they were dictators in their areas.
Siddanagouda of Aathkooru, Lingappa from Jegarakallu,
Harisavkara, Sannappareddy , Thimmareddy and many more
dictators ruled these areas. If you have watched the Andhra
movies about Telangana and Rayalseema areas you will see
the heights of violence, the real facts in these villages were
more than that.

Narasimha gouda of Appanadoddi village--> no one should
put a towel on their shoulders in front of gouda, if any one dies
in goudas family whole village should compulsorily cry for
some great?? man died in the family, without gouda's permmission
no one should marry, shouldn't buy land . Above all these when
his sexual desires increases woman from labour section
should share her bed with him.

When Ramesh and his teammates visited the villages this was
the condition. No court - no police - no government!!!! -> one and
all dictator were the landlords. peoples war group was the
backbone for ramesh. He organized people first to
demand the government to get their fundamental rights . Then
ramesh's teams aim was to stop the harrassment by landlords.

Police station instead of education:- This is what the
government did. It colluded with the landlords and started
a police station in Yapaladinni with thge only aim to arrest
members of PWG. Ramesh went underground . He worked hard
with his fellowmen to make Naxalism strong in Karnataka.
Saket rajan who then incharge of affairs of PWG in karnataka
was with him.

Blood flood:- Areas where there is a difficulty to get even
drinking water filled with blood after the opening of police station.
Violence from landlords, police restriction made most of the
villagers to support naxalism. by this time Ramesh
started 'praja panchaythi' [ court where villagers participate
in judgement] . Even Zilla Panchayat members came to
these people's court . Most of the landlords afraid from the popularity
of naxals went away to Raichur.

Aathkoor's landlord Siddana gouda borrowed some rowdies and
goondas from Andhra, above this he used to travel in police
jeep of Yapaladinni S.I. Budreppa, labourer of Aathkoor
joined 'raitha kooli sangha' [ Agriculture labours association] which
had links with PWG. Siddanagouda killed Budreppa. According to
people's courts judgement gouda was killed in 1999 june 19.

Abduction of Rijwana Begam:- Naxalites solved a dispute in
which Ismail from Korthanagondha village was involved. Ismail's
daughter Rijwana got attracted towards naxal movement. Rijwa's
brother Khaja needed help from naxals but he didn't
want her sister to be a naxal. but Rijwa who had support
from her father left home and joined naxal movement. khaja lodged
a complaint against ramesh, the naxal leader stating that
Ramesh has abducted his sister. many naxals got arrested ; but not
ramesh. At last Rijwa herself appeared in high court and
said that she was not kidnapped. It is said that now she is an active
member in the naxal squad of western ghats.

Ramesh arrested!!: - Police department were scared of the popularity
of naxals . They intensified their attacks. They killed Bhaskar in a fake
encounter in front of his wife Suma. Ramesh was also present during the
incident but he managed to escape.
To organise the naxal movement the border areas had the benefit of
getting support from the naxals of Andhra. But the police forces of both
the states joined together to destroy the naxal movement.

The most common problem for the naxals was they didn't get a
suitable place to hide in times of attacks because the areas were dry
and flat. They decided to stop their activities for some time in those
region and the camps shifted to ghats. Ramesh's wife Parvathi
reached malnad[ she was killed in an encounter].

May 2, 2001:- Ramesh with his mates Gopal and Manohar
were waiting for a bus in Mehboobnagar of andhra pradesh.
They didn't get the bus for a long time. They asked lift from other
vehicles but none of them stopped. After a while a jeep
stopped and took them. When jeep started they came to know
that the jeep was of police dept. and all were without
uniform, in mufthi. Police doubted ramesh and his mates,
they checked their bags where they got pamphlets ,
books of revolution . Police took them to station and
started interrogation. then police came to know that it was
RAMESH, THE NAXALITE . They planned to kill him in the name
of encounter but Ramesh's arrest came in newspapers.

* 19 cases filed against him.
* Most of them were fake.
* 5 years imprisonement was the punishment given to him.
* he fought against the inequality , corruption , food adulteration,
harrassment of prisoners in jail. he was not depressed in jail.
he is a born fighter and the jail environment never stopped him.
* Even the court praised Ramesh's attitude and behaviour in jail.
* every time when he came to court->
were the slogans which echoed in court room.


I would like to congratulate Comrade Charu on his excellent informative work
and for bringing to light fact's that many of us did not know about our
Heroic Leader Comrade Ramesh

Lal Salaam to Comrade Ramesh !


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  2. No problem comrade
    The readers of naxal revolution
    are grateful to you for posting more on the life of a comrade .


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