Friday, September 15, 2006

Massive upsurge of support for Naxalite Movement in Karnataka, Anti- naxal forces on backfoot.

Massive upsurge of support for Naxalite Movement in Karnataka, Anti-naxal forces on backfoot.

Mangalore Sept 15: With the roping in of a teenage girl into their fold, the efforts of the Naxal groups to expand their area of operations in the Western
Ghats seem to be paying off, according to the police.
Inspired by Lakshmi's example many of her friends and relatives
are now contemplating joining the progressive people's movement.

Reports of Lakshmi (18), from the Irkigadde area of Tombattu village under Shankaranarayana police station limits, joining the Naxalites are spreading fast. The girl had gone missing last March.

The Times of India quoted Police sources saying that within two months of Lakshmis disappearance, she was spotted in Naxal uniform carrying arms.

Recently, she began working actively for the Naxalites and even visited several houses in her hamlet and spoke to her friends and relatives on the progressive
Naxal movement.

According to sources Lakshmi belonged to a family of landless labourers and studied up to Std VII in a local school.

There are also reports about the girl organising meetings and collecting rations and other necessary items from shops.

The police have information about Naxalites recently collecting Rs 25 per month from the hamlets of Hallihole, Tombattu, Yedamoge, Jaddinagadde and neighbouring areas.


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