Monday, September 11, 2006

"The Most Dangerous"-An excerpt from Paash's last poem

An excerpt from Paash's last poem
"The Most Dangerous" by Paash

Most treacherous is not the robbery
of hard earned wages
Most horrible is not the torture by the police.

Most dangerous is
To be filled with dead peace
Not to feel agony and bear it all,

Leaving home for work
And from work return home
Most dangerous is the death of our dreams.

Most dangerous is that watch
Which runs on your wrist
But stands still for your eyes.

Most dangerous is that eye
Which sees all but remains frostlike,
Most dangerous is the moon
Which rises in the numb yard
After each murder,
But does not pierce your eyes like hot chilis.


  1. Please post original poem in Punjabi [in roman script]. it seems a beautiful poem. Much obliged.

  2. Thanks indeed for this and the other write-up on Paash. Would be happy to read the full poem. Best, rama

  3. Greetings

    I will post it the following days
    but I don't have the time as of now.

    But you can visit these for the time being



  4. I like this poem very much..
    Most dangerous is the death of our dreams...

    comradely greetings



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