Thursday, September 28, 2006

Nepal's gain could be India's pain

The issue of the transfer of weapons from the Nepali to the Indian
Maoists is rehashed in the Indian press again. From The Times of

Nepal's gain could be India's pain
Subodh Ghildiyal

NEW DELHI: It is feared Indian Maoists may get hold of some of the
sophisticated arms from their ideological brothers from the Himalayan

Security managers are also concerned over the reported growth in
naxal bases and movement on the Indian-Nepal border.

Uttaranchal has reported to home ministry that CPN (Maoist) cadres,
who dominate Nepalese areas along the border, routinely cross into
Indian territory. The state has sought help in manning bridges and
checking-in procedures.

Naxalites have begun to spread in north Bengal, bordering Nepal, from
their strong turf in the south-west of the state adjoining Orissa and

Falling in the north is Darjeeling, a tough mountainous terrain from
a security angle. The Centre recently warned the state on the
radicalisation of these areas and asked it to initiate action to nip
the threat in the bud.

Bihar, meanwhile, has sanctioned a special package for development
along the international boundary and it plans to strengthen the
intelligence network there as well.

Fresh fears over new arms dumps have heightened the worry, as they
come in the backdrop of Centre already grappling with the improving
quality of rebel arsenal, with the interception of naxal-bound
consignments of over 800 rockets in Andhra.

Evidence points to increasing militarisation of naxalites, matching
cops in the quality of weapons. Naxals in AP have acquired
sophisticated VHF sets for communication besides pressure-activated
and wireless activated mines.

AKs and SLRs are present in all naxal states. Crude rockets seized
recently have rattled the agencies as they were found to have been
manufactured in part at industrial units of Tamil Nadu.

http://timesofindia .indiatimes. com/articleshow/ 2023367.cms

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