Thursday, September 14, 2006

They Never Crushed His Spirit: A Tribute to Richard Williams

They Never Crushed His Spirit: A Tribute to Richard Williams

Richard Williams was a lifelong anti-imperialist and socialist, one of the Ohio 7 convicted in 1984 of having carried out armed actions against racism and imperialism as a member of the United Freedom Front.

Targets included South African Airways offices, Union Carbide offices for their manufacture of cluster bombs used against revolutionaries in Central America, US Army and Navy reserve offices, General Electric, as the fourth largest military supplier, particularly against El Salvador, and IBM for building the computers that enforced the South African pass system.

After over twenty years of captivity and medical neglect, Richard passed away on December 7th 2005, at the age of 58.

From the editorial note:

"The book is a tool, both to educate and to offend our sense of humanity.
Let us take our outrage and use it to insure that not one more
political prisoner dies in prison."

published by Kersplebedeb and Interfaith Prisoners of Conscience Project

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