Monday, September 18, 2006

Will the tribals of Chhattishgarh survive the onslaught from the outsiders in the form of politicians and Multi national companies ?


In the age of Internet and Satellite T.V. when the whole world looks like
one big family its amazing how the Tribals of Chattisgarh,Orissa,Jharkhand
are fighting to save their culture and tradition,their forest,their land
from the greed of the Government at the Center,from the State
Government and most of all from the MNC’s like Tata,Reliance,
Essar,Iffco etc.In the name of development these MNC’s who are
capable of buying any politicians are only interested in the mineral
reserve available underneath these Tribal lands.

In Chattisgarh is it just a coincidence that “Salwa Judum” started
only few days after the State Government signed MOU’s with
these Multi National Companies ?
Tata Steel is being allowed to call the shots in Chattisgarh
only few months after they were responsible for the death
of nearly 20 tribals who had gathered to protest the land
acquisition by the Tata company in Kalingnagar in Orissa.
This was not the end of the terror for the innocent
Tribals because even their dead bodies were chopped
to create fear amongst them.Its shocking that the Press and
Television of our country who are at
payroll of these companies didn’t write much about it.

This is the dark side of these corporate houses like
Tata Steel,Reliance etc who project themselves as the
leader in nation building.

“Salwa Judum” in Bastar is a conspiracy to drive the Tribals
away from their homeland so that their forest and land can be
exploited without any resistance from them.Today more
than fifty thousand tribals are living in Camps,nearly
700 villages are empty, rest have migrated to neighbouring state
like Orissa and Andra Pradesh,thousands have already died.

Where is the world press and media I wonder?

The current State Government has leaders whose forefathers
came to Chattisgarh to exploit the Teak Forest and Precious
Stone of the State so its not surprising that their sons are also
doing the same.The Tribals of chhattisgarh have no voice at all.
Instead of reserving the CM post for the
Tribals even the Governor of the State has no knowledge
about the Tribal Culture and Tradition.

There is so much more to write but the pain I am feeling
right now at the state of Tribals is making me to stop.



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