Thursday, September 14, 2006

Yedamoge - Naxals Spotted

Yedamoge - Naxals Spotted
Kundapur, Sep 13:
In yet another instance, Naxalites managed to escape from police during an intense combing operation in the Yedamoge region near Shankarnarayana area here on Tuesday September 12.

Though police have not confirmed anything about this, the locals said that a group of Naxalites which was spotted in the Hosangadi region escaped by a whisker on Tuesday. The police team led by district SP Dr Subrahmaneshwar Rao and the Anti-Naxal Force (ANF) with the help of Shankarnarayana police had began combing operations on Tuesday morning in the Kamalashile, Yedamoge, Basavanapalu, Hallihole and surrounding areas after receiving a sure tip-off that Naxalites had visited many houses.

Kundapur CI Valentine D'Souza, Shankarnarayana PSI Suresh Kumar too were the part of the combing team.

Meanwhile tense situation prevailed in Hosangadi and Sidhapur area after the locals started spreading false news that an encounter had taken place in the forests areas. But the police intervened immediately and resolved the problem and assured the locals that no encounter had taken place in the area.

In the meantime, locals said that Naxalites are still very much active in the remote area despite combing operations and security measures. A team led by Naxal leader Mahesh had recently visited Hosangadi and surrounding areas and spoke to people for long. They maintained that only a revolution would bring about change in the society and this could be the only way to silence the landlords who have been inflicting atrocities on locals. They have even said to have mentioned that Naxal movement had achieved its target of facing the landlords and doing justice to the people in Raichur.

Whatever the development and however intense may be the combing operation by the police, one thing is very clear that the amicable relationship and strong rapport developed by the villagers with Naxalites has become a major hurdle for the police in their operation against the Naxalites.


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