Monday, October 30, 2006

Bihar Police - Death by AIDS,

I couldn't help but recall these words of prostitute.

" The police are there to beat us during the day
and rape us during the night"

Considering that a DIG himself has got AIDS one can only
speculate as to how many poor working class women he and his
men would have exploited,raped and transferred the deadly
virus to.

I am not even suprised by such news anymore
it is the same story all over the country.

In Kashmir the police and state ministers organised
themselves into a rape cartel which included
two former state ministers, an ex-additional advocate
general of J&K, an IAS officer, a BSF DIG, two Deputy
Superintendents of Police and raped dozens of teenage
kashmiri girls, the youngest being 15 yeats old
with the use of force and coercion.

It is the same scenario in the many states of
North-East and Chattishggarh where civil war rages on.

Bihar DIGs test positive for HIV

Bihar: They fight Maoist revolutionaries, they have seen gangwars between parliamentary politicans. Now, the Bihar Police is staring into the face of a new, dreaded enemy - one which exists within its own ranks - the HIV virus.

There are 20 reported cases of HIV positive patients in the Patna Police hospital. Concerned by the rising numbers of HIV cases in the state police force, doctors have forwarded some suggestions to headquarters.

They feel that all new recruits in the Bihar Police force should carry HIV negative certificates and that men presently serving in the force should undergo HIV tests. They also say that such tests should be carried out periodically.

Says police hospital doctor Dr P Ojha, "I have requested the authorities to make sure that all police officials undergo an HIV test. A complete health profile should be made necessary for all."

And the government is taking the issue quite seriously especially after the names of two senior DIG rank IPS officers figured in the list of HIV positive cases.

Says Bihar Home Secretary Afzal Amanullah, "Doctors have reported that there has been a considerable rise in HIV positice cases among officers, not only among those ranked lower and constables, but senior officials as well."

Blood samples of the two senior officers have been sent to leading laboratories in Delhi for further confirmation.

The problem lies not in the fact that two senior DIG rank officials have tested positive for HIV. The real problem lies in the fact that a large number of the police force has not undergone any test.

The real numbers of those suffering from the dreaded virus could be mind-boggling and the government's intervention is expected before the situation compeletly gets out of hand.

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