Monday, October 23, 2006

Maoists kill Achampet MLA's brother

This type of action is highly condemnable
and I condemn it but one doesn't have
to be a genius to figure out why this is occuring.

The incident below is an example of displaced aggression.

Displaced aggression occurs when the frustrated individual
cannot express aggression against the source of the frustration.

Displaced aggression is an aggressive action against an innocent
person or object rather than against the actual cause of frustration.

In the Andhra Pradesh the murderous Grey Hyena's are a constant
source of frustration to the Maoists.The Grey Hyena's have killed
with impunity hundreds of Maoist cadre and leaders in the
last one year alone. The Grey Hyena's operate beyond every single
law in this country and are accountable to nobody.

Unable to successfully target the Grey Hyena's, the
Maoists in Andhra Pradesh have gone after soft targets.

The blame for all this rest's solely on the Andhra Pradesh
government which continues to treat the revolutionary
movement as a law and order problem after having failed
to address even the basic demands made by the people
of Andhra Pradesh.

Maoists kill Achampet MLA's brother

Leave letter at spot stating the reason for the killing
# Two Maoists question elder brother of MLA, Ramaswamy, after reaching village
# Laxmaiah arrives on spot and on coming to know his identity the naxals shoot him dead

MAHABUBNAGAR: Activists of the CPI (Maoist) shot dead C.Laxmaiah, elder brother of Congress MLA from Achampet, C.Vamsi Krishna, around 7. 20 p.m. on Saturday night at Elmapally, his native village, in Amrabad mandal.

According to information reaching the district headquarters, two Maoists came to the house of C.Ramaswamy, another elder brother of the MLA, who was also residing in the same village.

As they entered the house, they asked for drinking water and Ramaswamy's wife, Janardanammma, went into the kitchen to bring water.

Brother questioned

The Maoists took Ramaswamy to the back of his house and when they were interacting with him his eldest brother Laxmaiah came to the spot. On seeing Laxmaiah, the Maoists asked Ramaswamy about his identity. When Ramaswamy replied that he was his eldest brother, the Maoists turned to him and shot him with a tapancha, which was carried by one of the Maoists. Laxmaiah died instantaneously. Ramaswamy managed to flee from the scene.

Body shifted

Later, the Maoists, while leaving the spot, left a letter stating that the killing was in protest against the `fake encounters' by the Y.S.Rajashekara Reddy Government and demanded the resignation of Congress leaders. The letter was signed by Nallamala area committee secretary Srisailam. The body of Laxmaiah was shifted to the Amrabad Government Hospital.

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