Monday, October 23, 2006

Naxalwatch response to Arundathi Roy quote

Naxalwatch has a response to the Arundathi Roy quote I posted on this website.

Red Flags and revolutionary slogans are camouflage to lure the youth

Those who would like to post a response are requested to.

I do not have much to say because while he has made his
opinion about Arundathi Roy clear(which he is entitled to),
he has not dissected the quote or shown how flag's are not
being used to further the petty interests of
particular ruling class.


  1. The biggest TERRORISTS(Sang Parivar) and their BOSS(BUSH) are talking about democracy, Dalit/Tribal and people issues.

    People never forget their murderous politics and policies in the world as well as in our country.

    These TERRORISTS cold bloodedly murdered more than 1 lac farmers in our country and making people beggers and talking about development ... this is a big conspiracy and hypocracy.

  2. Agreed but tell it to them on their website


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