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The Truth - A short film in bangalore by Alexis Dias

The Truth - A short film about bangalore by Alexis Dias

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Bangalore: For this young software professional, the shift from Madurai in Tamil Nadu to Bangalore was something of a culture shock.

"Someone earning Rs. 25,000 a month is considered well off there, but here we have many young people earning twice or thrice that much and still wanting more," says Alexis Dias.

High spending and high living apart, what affects him more is how indifferent people are to the less privileged, especially children who cannot go to school but have to make living. Hawking things at traffic signals, shining shoes on footpaths, washing plates at eateries, working with small-time mechanics and scooter repairers and generally doing an adult's work but at half the wages. "The good thing is they have not taken to begging or petty crime, but want to earn by honest labour and feed themselves... perhaps even their families," he says.

Putting his ideas into film is what Mr. Dias next did, after months of planning. His friend and cinematographer Rajkamal helped, and between them a six minute and 10 second film was created and is now posted for free viewing on a website. You can see it by visiting "I have also shown the video to group of acquaintances and fellow IT professionals so that they can think of doing something to help these children. I felt moved when a friend cut down on his smoking so that he could save money and help one or two such children in need," Mr. Dias says. The title is `Do We Accept The Truth' and it is all about accepting the truth that even in a prosperous city there are those less fortunate.

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  1. i don't know about this whole child labour thing. Certainly, children who are in need are in need – I'm concerned that they aren't getting an education, or enough or the right food to eat. But it doesn't bother me that they're working. As a child, I was always trying to set up commercial ventures or do manual labour but my middle class mother would always prevent me.


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