Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Andhra police adopt Maoist leader's daughter

They kill their father's,brothers and mothers in cold blood
then they adopt them for media publicity !
Now they will use the girl as a tool to harass the father.

The Andhra Pradesh Police has touched a new low !

Andhra police adopt Maoist leader's daughter

The police in Andhra Pradesh are often accused of killing Maoists in cold blood in the guise of gun battles but they have now proved that they will go to
any length to cover it up.

On Children's Day, police in Warangal district have adopted the daughter of a top Maoist leader belonging to Communist Party of India (Maoist), the most powerful and biggest of Maoist outfits in India.

Lanka Papi Reddy alias Ranganna, member of central committee of CPI (Maoist) has been living an underground life since he joined the guerrilla movement two decades ago.

Ranganna married a woman member of the outfit in forests. He sent his daughter to his mother's house in Atmakur village in the district about 10 years ago.

Since Ranganna's mother was finding it difficult to meet the two ends and take care of the 11-year-old girl, the district police officials came forward to adopt her.

Warangal district Superintendent of Police Sowmya Mishra said police would take care of her education. She handed over a cheque of Rs.40,000 to an educational institution for this purpose.

The development came amid mounting pressure on Maoists in the state. Police in alleged gun battles killed several top guerrilla leaders during the last four months.

More than 350 Maoists including top leaders were killed during the last two years. Human rights groups have alleged that the police were killing the Maoists in stage-managed gun battles. The police, however, deny this.

The Maoist violence has claimed more than 6,000 lives during the last 37 years in the state

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