Thursday, November 30, 2006

Andhra Pradesh police launch psycho-warfare on revolutionary maoists

The Police are now using emotional blackmail to lure maoists to surrender.
It is well know that once they surrender they are finished off
by police supported vigilante gangs who call themselves cobra's and tigers.

Mums' plead Maoist's to come home

Nalgonda (AP): Police in Andhra Pradesh’s Nalgonda district has come up with a new way to curb the rising Maoist insurgency.

Mariamma, the mother of Rapolu Swamy, who is part of an active Maoist movement in Andhra Pradesh, fights back her tears as she appeals to her son to give up arms and return home.

"Please come back home my son. You have achieved nothing. We are begging everyone here needs you,” Mariamma says.

Maariamma is one of the many parents who have been approached by the Andhra Police to persuade the Maoists to surrender.

"Come back home, Jhan bee. Your mother cries for you. The children, elders are waiting for you,” another mother of a Maoist, Aminabi says.

Police have come up with the initiative called Amma Papulu or Call Of The Mother. Police say they came up with the idea, after realising that violent confrontations are not helping weed out the naxal problem. Emotional pleas help more in demoralising Maoist cadres.

"We go to every village that has lost their young sons/daughters to the Maoist movement. Getting the message across thru their mothers strikes the right chord about the futility of violence,” says Superintendent of Police, Nalgonda, Vijay Kumar.

Though the initiative is just a week old, it seems to be working as three Maoists have shown interest in surrendering.

Police now plan to launch the initiative in other naxal-hit districts like Warangal, Mehboobnagar and Adilabad.

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