Thursday, November 09, 2006

Kherlanji Massacare Pictures

Kherlanji Massacare Pictures

Kherlanji Massacare - Dalit's raped and massacared by
Upper Caste Hindu Landlords, Police try to cover up and protect their masters.

Following are the thumbnails pictures of the Kherlanji massacre. They speak for themselves>>

1. This is the same Bulluck-Cart , used for making ferry of naked mother and daughter in and around Kherlanji village.


Priyanka in her school dress

2. One of the most educated girls in Kherlanji, Priyanka passed her matriculation and was studying for HSC. She was brilliant and had great dreams . She was the best NCC cadet too. Her only fault was she belonged to that community .

3. Priyanka was gang raped and inhumanly murdered by putting sticks inside her genitals. The cruelty did not stop there, her body was thrown in water canal. It is also learnt that when brother denied sex, his genital got mutilated.

Brutal rape and killing Another picture of Priyanka

4. Mother fought tooth and nail for her rights till death . Brave was she, who dared to complain to police. She undoubtedly preferred dignified death to lechery . We salute you mother ! The son lying close to her is a blind but not spared by assailants. Another son, Roshan was doing his graduation, most learned boy in his village.

Roshan and Mother

5. Hut they lived in is so small that has no electricity. The bright students were studying while mother was all set for preparing evening meals when the ghastly event happened.

Hut Hut inside

6. Priyanka and her family thought leaving behind caste and embracing Buddha`s path would bring in sea change, though, it gave them confidence to live a dignified life(as they did) but could not change attitude of caste people towards them. They were exterminated for their courage!

Buddha buddha12.jpg

7. Their lifestyle reflects profound wisdom. How much mother gave importance to education than other daily needs is worth noting! Especially when she had to manage in daily budget of o.5 USD , buying books for students, travel expenses and college/school expenses! (Generally here every Buddhist household thinks that education is only way to get out of the shakles of caste and poverty.

Result is, after 50 years of conversion 72% literacy is observed among them, way ahead of Indian average 62% .Females are not only ahead in literacy but they have unparrallel confidence like Surekha & Priyanka had. Female literacy is more than Indian average. This is important when there are not many Buddhist Missionaries operating in India funded by world outside.)

Surekha`s home is a typical rural Buddhist home. See the walls of the hut in above pic. seems as if bricks are arranged on one another with no investment on masonry.Whereas, the pic below shows the linen made of torn-off cloths! May be 0.1USD worth? Every fraction of penny counted !




  1. that was the brutal crime ever done.
    i cant understand in 21st century this things still happens in india.n one hand they talk about world level development and on other hand this!
    such criminal must me killed in the same manner.

  2. It is the worst and the most inhuman act one can think of. Even hanging till death will be a very small punishment for such criminal.

  3. It's shame on humanity. all maharashtrian and indian people are embaressed and felt sorry. i as a brahim condem this brutal act wholehearted. all who did this and those supported should be hanged. plz for the god's sake don't politicise this issue specialy RPi leadres

  4. shamfull think , and more shamful is what the hell police was doing though case was known to them. the basrerted who r responsible for the should be hanged in front of mass.

  5. it is really sad.

  6. This has been very depressing. I hope this issue gets global awareness and the culprits are punished accordingly - shot dead naked, after extreme jail torture, if possible

  7. shocking and shamefull for our so called cultured society and specialy our government and our administration, who is still not doing anything to control these kind of situations.

  8. kill the rapists in the same way!

  9. They think they can espace justice, well wait till they face God. This world was temporary and ended for that lovely family, but what they will face will God willing never end.


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