Friday, December 22, 2006

How to blog anonymously - Handbook for bloggers and Cyber-dissidents

On this blog we don't blog anonymously
simply because this blog does not carry any material
which is against the law of the land and
neither do we encourage people to engage in activities
that may be deemed illegal by the constitution of India.
This blog only publishes news reports from the mainstream media,
academic sources and personal reports of individuals for
educational and informational purposes.

At any time if you find any content objectionable and provide
valid reasons to justify it's removal then we will always do so,
all you got to do is drop us an email.

However if you have sensitive information or a radical viewpoint
which you need to disclose to the world but you think that
doing so might compromise your safety ?


Reporters without borders has the right book for you

Bloggers, the new heralds of free expression
What’s a blog ?
The language of blogging
Choosing the best tool
How to set up and run a blog
What ethics should bloggers have ?
Getting your blog picked up by search-engines
What really makes a blog shine ?
Personal accounts:
- Germany
- Bahrain
- Hong Kong
- Iran
- Nepal
How to blog anonymously
Technical ways to get around censorship
Ensuring your e-mail is truly private
Internet-censor world championship

Download this handbook to take printouts below

Website Reporters Without Borders

There is also another handbook by
Electronic Frontier Foundation
How to Blog Safely (About Work or Anything Else)

Let's hope some of you will find these resources useful
and will make use of them.

Once you have a blog drop in a mail or a comment on this blog
and we will post a link to your blog if we think it deserves to reach
a wider audience.


Team Naxal Revolution

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