Thursday, December 28, 2006

Mamata's health deteriorates ,Ratan Tata determined to build factory over her dead body

Mamata's health deteriorates ,Ratan Tata determined to build factory over her dead body
Take care of Mamata, orders PM
CAUSE OF CONCERN: The PM has instructed the Central authorities to extend all medical care for Mamata Bannerjee.
New Delhi:
After having taken over Mahatma Gandhi as far as resisting hunger is concerned, Trinamool Congress chief Mamata Bannerjee’s worsening health has drawn the attention of Prime Minister Manmohan Singh.

Dr Singh, on Wednesday, instructed the Central authorities to extend all medical care for Trinamool Congress chief Mamata Bannerjee in view of deterioration in her health.

Doctors had put Mamata on oxygen support after she developed breathing problems on Tuesday.

Mamata has been on a hunger strike for the past 24 days, protesting against West Bengal government's acquisition of farmland for the TATA Motors project in Singur. Her party has been demanding relocation of the project out of the fertile agricultural land to some other site within the state.

The Eastern Command Hospital has been instructed to offer whatever medical assistance is requried by Banerjee, PM's media adviser Sanjaya Baru said in Delhi.

"Because of the deterioration in Mamata Banerjee's health and her refusal to accept state government's help for medical care, the Prime Minister has instructed Central authorities to extend all medical care required," news agency PTI quoted Baru as saying.

Mamata says she would not end her fast till the state government accepts her demand that the land at Singur, which had been taken "forcibly", be returned.

Mamata had termed the CPM-led state government's move to acquire of 954 acres of farmland to set up the Tata Motors project in Singur as "anti-farmer and anti-poor".


Rivals fuelling fire, says Tata - Determined to set up plant in Singur

Dec. 27: Ratan Tata today accused “some of our competitors” of stirring the Singur controversy, adding a stunning new dimension of corporate intrigue to what has been a political issue so far.

In an interview to NDTV, he also expressed determination to see through the project that will turn out cars costing Rs 100,000 at the site some 40 km from Calcutta.

“Let me just say it is not just political, because I happen to know that some of our competitors are also fuelling some of this fire… they would be very happy if the project got delayed,” he said.

Mamata Banerjee has been fasting for 24 days now against what she calls “forcible” land acquisition in Singur.

While competitors expressed surprise at the charge voiced by a corporate leader of impeccable credentials, Mamata’s Trinamul Congress threatened to take the Tata group chairman to court.

“We will file a defamation case against Ratan Tata. His statement will prove to be an obstacle to any respectable solution to the Singur issue. His statement is an echo of what Biman Bose had said earlier and is in bad taste,” said Trinamul general secretary Mukul Roy.

Bose, the CPM boss in Bengal, had said about two weeks ago that Tata Motors’ competitors were encouraging the agitation over Singur.

Efforts continued to get her to call off the fast, but without success.

Tata said: “We regret what has happened and (I) ask myself have we been caught in a political quagmire where political issues have tended to try and overcome even the issues they are supposed to espouse?”

He was clear Tata Motors would not pull out because of the controversy. “The Bengal government has been very steadfast in its support and I think it would be wrong for us to say that we will pull out and go.

“I am unfortunately a person that has often said ‘you put a gun to my head and pull the trigger or take the gun away, I won’t move my head’.”

Tata was laudatory about Buddhadeb Bhattacharjee. “Why did we go to Bengal”, he said, “because we believe in the leadership that the present government has provided.”

Tata’s accusation set the business beehive buzzing. Maruti and Hyundai, both of which make small cars and are the country’s two other big automobile companies, declined comment.

The country’s biggest car maker, Maruti, has four small models — the 800, Alto, Zen Estillo and Wagon R. Hyundai has the Santro. Several others are planning small cars.


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