Monday, December 11, 2006

Monkey Army goes on rampage molests young couples in Colleges and Parks

Monkey Army goes on rampage molests young couples in Colleges and Parks

Rifle training in progress at a camp in Patan, northern Gujarat organised by terrorist organisation Bajrang Dal.

The Bajrang dal is upto it's antics again for all the crocodile tears
they shed for women, Hindu patriarchal society in India will remembered in
disgrace for centuries to come for orchestrating one of the largest genocides
of the 20th century and even today it shows no signs of abating
and could very well end up as one the largest genocides of
the 21st century as well.

Murdered : 50 million Indian girls

Bajrang Dal men beat up college youth

Special Correspondent

AHMEDABAD: In a controversial move, the Bajrang Dal, assumed a new role in social policing here on Saturday.

A bunch of Dal volunteers, many of them young women collegians, armed with sticks and lathis, forced their entry into several colleges in the city and beat up youths allegedly "flirting" with young girl students.

Couples beaten up

They also went around several public parks and other entertainment zones and beat up "young couples" sitting in corners.

Leading the group was the Dal city unit convenor, Babu Bajrangi himself, and as he claimed, the main target was the Muslim youths "whose only job is to trap Hindu girls into marrying them and change their religion." There were several girls in the group who said they themselves were "victims" of the "nefarious designs" of the Muslim youths and alleged that in some cases they were even beaten up to "force them to sign marriage documents."

However, in the process of "cleansing the colleges of Muslim youths who come only to trap Hindu girls," several Hindu boys also suffered.

The city police authorities, however, declined to comment, except for saying that no one had the right to take the law into his hands.

The police promised to inquire into the matter if there was any complaint, but so far no complaint had been filed with the police.

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