Tuesday, December 19, 2006

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    No Nationalism

    Where has unity with a section of the ruling class led to communism? History has many examples of this--all bad! In China the communists allied with the nationalist forces of Chiang Kai-Shek. Within years these nationalists killed thousands of communist revolutionaries. Finally, the communists had to go on the \"Long March\" to escape the nationalist butchers, and build a base area for their revolution. Incredibly enough the Chinese communists were still putting forward the concept of \"New Democracy\" instead of communism. They were still trying to ally with the better capitalists to solidify their revolutionary advance.

    In Indonesia the communists followed a similar goal, They allied with the nationalist forces around Sukarno. For a time this policy seemed to work. The Communist Party (CP) had almost two million members. The CP controlled the labor movement. The CP elected members to governmental bodies. Their leader, Aidit, was the number two official in Indonesia. Basically, they followed the parliamentary road to power through unity with the so-called better bosses. They placed the correct strategy of armed revolution for communist power on the back burner. When they seemed to be impregnable based on achieving certain legal status they moved for a putsch (military coup).

    The other side took advantage of this. The bosses still controlled the rank-and-file military. The CP forgot the old Bolshevik experience of penetrating the bosses military to develop the strategy of \"turn the guns around.\" In two days the rulers\' troops under the leadership of the officers\' corp killed two million communists and progressive Indonesians. The rivers and streams of Indonesia were red with revolutionaries\' blood. Aidit was shot quickly by the bosses\' Army.

    Unfortunately there are many of these examples. They are still going on all over the world. One of the most recent examples is the slaughter by the Aquino government of farmers in the Philippines demanding a better life. This mass slaughter of farmers and others by Aquino was going on as the government was negotiating with the communists for class peace. These negotiations for class peace are still proceeding. The communists try and justify their betrayal by portraying Aquino as better than the fascist Marcos.

    There can never be class peace! The bosses are our deadly enemy. All bosses represent their class. They will kill and kill some more in order to hold on to their slime profits. Our job isn\'t to create illusions about these greedy bosses. Our job is to organize to wipe them out with violent struggle.

    We can skip all those stages of dead communists floating down the rivers of the world because of illusions about and collusion with the enemy. We fail to see the benefit of these stages. Where has unity with the enemy ever led to victory? It is a contradiction or a bad joke in the face of all this to advance this idea. Only communism not nationalism can lead to workers\' revolution. Internationalism is the flag of communist revolution

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