Thursday, December 28, 2006

Prachanda Quote

Prachanda Quote
“Since we belong to a communist party, our maximum goals are socialism and communism … Given the international power balance and the overall economic, political and social realities of the country, we can’t attain those goals at the moment.” - Prachanda In Kathmandu Post, February 7, 2006


  1. Sensible comment as New Democracy is the current prospect following promulation of the Interim Constitution.

    However whilst the revisionist pressure will build on the CPN(Maoist) it is important that we do not uncrtically follow Prachanda.

    His comments on recent visit to India about Stalin I did not agree with but most of what he says I support and the Nepalese comrades need all the support they can get

  2. Prachanda is no Maoist. Everyone who has ever cracked the the Selected Works of Mao knows it.

    Who cares what he says at this point. Prachanda is beyond the pale.

  3. The teachings of Marxism is to consider everything as a whole. So it is not wise to consider the view of prachanda regarding Stalin something different from their current line. Rather they are interrelated. Unless anybody negate Stalin (and then Leninism) he cannot forget proletarian dictatorship.

    It is important to remember what Com Mao teaches us regarding New Democracy. It is not something like bourgeois democracy; in contrast, it is directly linked to socialism.

    So what prachand said is absolutely wrong although has revolutionary clothings.
    At this context it is important to think whether this "Maoism" is really the teachings of com Mao.

    Why their "Maoism" is qualitatively different from Mao-thought?

  4. Comrades I will not comment now
    but soon in time ,I will make my views on nepal clear.

  5. to understand Prachanda, it is necessary to understand the "Maoism" of the RIM.


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