Wednesday, December 06, 2006

Ranvir Sena makes plans to take on Maoists with help from Nitish Kumar

With backing of Nitish Kumar head of the Mafia Raj in Bihar,the Ranvir
Sena seems to be all set unleash it's terror in Bihar
The Ranvir Sena prides itself on it's abilities to massacare
unarmed dalit men and raping their women and children.

Ranvir Sena makes plans to take on Maoists with help from Nitish Kumar

Patna, Nov 16 (IANS) Bihar seems to be headed for more lawlessness with the upper caste militia Ranvir Sena declaring after a strategy meeting to expand its network that it would be using trained former armymen to take on Maoist guerrillas.

After keeping a low profile over the last few years, the Sena, which has been accused of dozens of massacres in the state, is clearly stirring again. It held a meeting two days ago, not in an inaccessible dense forest like the Maoists do but in a village in Patna district, said an official.

And, despite the fact that hundreds of activists from not only Bihar but also other states like Uttar Pradesh attended the meeting, police and intelligence officials did not have a clue.

According to a Ranvir Sena release, the meet chose leader Trayambakeshwar as the new chief. 'Now Sena strategy, activities and plans would be guided by the new chief.'

The release added that the meeting had finalised strategy to take on Maoist guerrillas and widen its network in districts bordering Nepal. 'The Sena would use trained former armymen from its cadres to check the growth of Maoist guerrillas,' it stated.

A senior Sena activist said the perception was that the Nitish Kumar government was sympathetic to it. This was indicated by the chief minister winding up the panel probing the Ranvir Sena's alleged political links.

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