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Singur on boil as farmers clash with police, Medha arrested

Singur on boil as farmers clash with police, Medha arrested

By Indo Asian News Service

Kolkata, Dec 2 (IANS) Singur, the proposed site for Tata Motors' small car project, reached a flashpoint Saturday as farmers clashed with police during fencing of acquired land even as West Bengal Chief Minister Buddhadeb Bhattacharya vowed to facilitate the unit in the disputed farmland despite protests.

Social activist Medha Patkar, who suddenly appeared on the scene, was arrested by police along with her associates and sent back towards Kolkata even as Trinamool Congress supporters blocked road and rail after news spread that police had unleashed terror on women and children in the villages.

Farmers fought pitched battles with police in the fields of Singur in Hooghly district, about 45 km from here as the administration sent a huge police force there to take possession of the land and fence it for a proposed Tata Motors small car project.

Women and children in Beraberi, Khaserbheri, Gopalnagar and Singerbheri villages were beaten up by the advancing policemen, alleged farmers' organisations. The adult males of the villages had fled their homes Friday night itself fearing arrest. However, police claimed the aggressive villagers attacked them with acid bulbs and arrows.

At least 5,000 police and paramilitary forces
- sent to take possession of the land - used tear gas on the villagers and fired rubber bullets. A huge pile of harvested paddy caught fire in the clashes.

Inspector General of Police (Law and Order) Raj Kanojia said: 'The police were attacked with acid bombs and arrows and many of us, including women cops, were injured.

'The police had to chase the villagers and arrested a few. The crowd was aggressive,' Kanojia told IANS.

Saturday is the second day of land acquisition.

Narmada Bachao Andolan leader Patkar, who was intercepted on her way to Singur, managed to reach the area by dodging the police but was stopped when she tried to enter a village at Khaserbheri where women and children were allegedly tortured by policemen.

'When I visited a village at Beraberi I found women crying. Police unleashed a havoc in the village and the Communist Party of India-Marxist (CPI-M) cadres were there too. Women were molested and handled by men police,
' Medha alleged.

'They arrested us without even telling on what ground we were arrested. I was not there to incite people,' said Medha.

Trinamool Congress legislator Rabindranath Bhattacharya said about 1,000 policemen swooped down on the villagers. Many women were beaten and many others seriously injured.

'This is the second phase of our agitation that began seven months ago. Now they are trying to take possession of our land. I am sure this agitation will not be restricted to Singur alone but will spread all over,' he said.

Singur Krishijami Bachao Committee (Save Singur Farmland Committee) convenor Becharam Manna told IANS: 'It is a shame to democracy. Our women were assaulted and children beaten up by the cops. Everyone was hit with batons.'

Manna denied that the villagers attacked the policemen with acid bulbs or arrows.

Buddhadeb Bhattacharya said the car project would continue despite all opposition and claimed that the police were attacked with knives and provoked leading to the action.

Trinamool Congress chief Mamata Banerjee, who was forcibly stopped on her way to Singur for a rally Thursday, asked her party MLAs to head for Singur.

'We will not allow fencing by force. The chief minister unleashed his goons in the garb of policemen,' she said later.

Banerjee, who was in Islampur in north Bengal for an election campaign, rushed back to the city even as life was disrupted by the Trinamool activists who blocked road and rail, including the city's lifeline Howrah Bridge.

Several Maoists, including students from the Jadavpur University, and Socialist Unity Centre of India (SUCI) party workers also were arrested in Singur while in Kolkata students of the prestigious Presidency College took to streets and courted arrest.

Footage captured by Bengali news channel Kolkata TV showed policemen used teargas and beat up villagers. It also showed women and children breaking into tears and in anger as police took possession of their villages.
Section 144 of the Indian penal code has been imposed in the area.

The farmlands owners, who mostly live in the city, have sold the land to the government for the Tata Motors small car project. The protesting villagers are the tillers or sharecroppers, especially the unrecorded tillers, who work on the land and have a close association with it. They stand to lose their livelihood and homes with the land acquisition.

Buddhadeb Bhattacharya claimed that 927 of the 993 acres needed for the Tata Motors plant has been acquired, but Mamata Banerjee said at least 531 acres are with the farmers.

'There was no need to send so many policemen if the land was in the possession of the government,' Mamata told IANS earlier.

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  1. Please upload clippings of brutal state repression in Singur. I saw still photo at

    Condemn this state repression and support people’s resistance.

  2. i do not know from whr u r or wht u do, but i can say this, that as i am from Singur, i know the ground reality of the place, much more than u do.
    i totally disagree with wht u have posted. it is easy to post in the blogsphere from any where, but difficult to. i belong to a fimily of farmers, i was educated at RKM and now am an engineer, with roots still in singur.
    I definitely want the TATA factory to come up there. - not for the Tatas or the LF gov. in WB but for the common people over here.

  3. @anon1 Comrade thank you for the link
    I found only one picture..
    Unfortunately I do not understand anything written on the site since it is in bengali, I tried searching but couldn't find any more photographs on that site

    Would appreciate your help if you could help me get more photographs.
    And could post their links here.

    You have not understood what singur is about.Please read more about it.

  4. @Anonymous
    OK you are from Singur but you are not a farmer. Probably you have some lands also and you are thinking that if you sell the lands you will get money. You are an engineer so you can get a good job but the farmaers, what they will do after selling their land ?
    If you were a farmer you could not suppot this

  5. The message from Singur is from a well-educated middle class, or petty bourgeois, youth. He is either a zamindar or a rich farmer. But the Tata project harms the poor farmer, the landless farmer and the agricultural workers. The Singur resident is simply voicing his class interest. Please leave him alone and let us focus on how to mobilise the poor of Singur against imperialism.


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