Friday, December 01, 2006

Singur will become an albatross around Buddhadeb's neck and is one more nail into the coffin of CPI(M).

Singur - An albatross around Buddhadeb's neck, one more nail into the CPI(M) coffin.

The battle has begun in Singur.

I publish below the
latest report from Comrade JS who lives close to singur.

The govt. today tried to grab the land in Singur by sending thousands of police and para-militaries.They banned all political parties from entering Singur. Only hooligans of CPM were there.

But the peasants of singur put up a valient resistance. Men , women and children, young and old, armed with sickles, bamboo sticks,spears, axes attacked the police. The police was trying to encircle the 997 acres of land by erecting 80,000 wooden posts around the land.

But they had to retreat when country made bombs were thrown at them.They could only plant 30 odd posts.The police force will try to attack again tomorrow.

Perhaps the real battle will take place tomorrow. It seems that a lot of ordinary constables of police are quite sympathetic to the peasants and are not ready to attack them with full force.

Will post more updates as and when I recieve them.

Singur farmers vow fight unto death

Singur/Kolkata: Forty kilometres from Kolkata, Singur in West Bengal's Hoogli district is fast turning into a fortress. The administration prepares to close the acquisition of Tata Motors' 997-acre plot by putting a fence around it.

The farmers in the region however, have vowed to wage a war. Because the land they till has been snapped up by the government for the proposed factory, and in a few days they would be asked to stop the sowing.

Owners didn't mind parting with their land because they used to earn little or nothing out of their properties. But thousands of landless peasants, the true beneficiaries for several decades, have vowed to fight till death.

"We are anyhow going to die of hunger if we lose our land. So it's better to die fighting for it," said a landless peasant Shyamali Patra.

To close the acquisition, the government is preparing to put an eight-km long fence around the 997-acre plot.

Barbed wires have already reached and concrete blocks are being shipped in. And to cope with envisaged resistance to fencing, the administration has deployed hundreds of policemen, who are now cooling heels in makeshift camps. The boundary of the proposed factory site is being guarded by small outposts few metres apart.

The battle line is drawn, as the government has declared farmers, sowing potato seeds, trespassers and is lodging FIRs against them.


  1. World has moved Abhay. Please learn to take lessons from History. Communism does not have any future. This is not the sixties. We have seen what happens in China/Russia/Other socialist states. Dont ruin this last chance our poor state has. If Tata dont come to Bengal we are finished. Please take your revolutions to other states so that we can hav a level playing field

  2. Yes, Abhay. The world has changed. You just cannot bring back the communism that was existing in Russia or China. You cannot foolishly live in sixties. What we need is another communism. Another Socialism is possible. Not the Soviet dictatorship but a communism which is re-invented to suit the needs of our globalised era of McDonalds and Google.

  3. We dont want a repeat of what happened in Russia/China. We want a Brand New Communism, which is free of all the problems of the sixties.

  4. It is better to remember that what Buddha and his company promoted is not invented by them. This prescription is from IMF-world bank. And, West Bengal is not the first place where it is being followed. In Latin America, different countries of Asia are the examples. The problem is the proponent of this model never see what it actually brings to the common people. It makes very small section of people rich with the expense of huge proverty. It is importamt to remember, the number of high-rise, shopping moll are not the parameters of development. We have to ensure minimum calorie for all, education for all, health for all. If you consider at least these three parameters, the countries where the prescription of IMF-World Bank has been under application (and the path what Buddha is following) the standard of living didn't improve.
    When the advocates of globalisation argue with the 8% rate of increase in GDP, they use to forget, it actually reflects the high increase of GDP in IT, means basically outsourcing. It is nothing to do with common people.


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