Monday, December 18, 2006

Singur - Teenager raped and burnt alive for daring to protest against forcible land acquisition

The primary suspect in this brutal crime is the
Calcutta Gestapo Police, the Calcutta gestapo
police is a breeding ground for all kinds of
psychopaths and criminal deviants who are attracted
to the department like flies to an open sewage drain.

However considering that they have facilities where they can
rape and murder at will ,behind bars, in the dark corners of lockups
and jails, with no questions asked one would wonder why would
they do it in a open field ?

Who can forget one of the most notorious psychopaths that the
Calcutta Gestapo Police has ever produced, Sub Inspector,
Ranajit Guha Niyogi,
an encounter and torture specialist"
at the Calcutta Police headquarters,he had to his credit the murder of 3 to
4 dozen unarmed Naxalite sympathisers

He never had balls big enough to stage an encounter with
armed naxalites and chose to pick on unarmed naxalite
sympathisers who lived in the suburbs and city slums.

His mode of operation was simple

Surround and raid a slum
Select some young boys (who were suspected to be
Naxalites), make them stand in a single file and then
riddle them with bullets. This scene was enacted in
the city over and over again in 1970-71.

He would then pick up the younger looking boys and
girls and take them along to torture in the Jail Cells.

He was awarded the President's medal for his
distinguished service !

Today his successors in the Calcutta Gestapo Police
are all set to explore new depths of human cruelty and brutality.

Inside every policeman there is Khaki Rakshas dying to get out.

Once it comes out it asks for flesh and blood and will not rest until it quenches it's thirst with a man's blood or a womans body.

An officer in the pit where Tapasi Malik’s burning body was found. Picture by Pradip Sanyal

The sleuths are looking for the list of policemen guarding the fence at the particular mouza. “We will surely collect the names of those who were on duty there last night,” an officer said.

Singur - Teenager raped and burnt alive for protesting against forcible land acquisition.

Kolkata, Dec 18 (IANS) Singur movement in West Bengal against acquisition of fertile farmlands for the Tata Motors small car project took a new turn Monday when the charred body of an 18-year-old woman, allegedly raped and then killed, was recovered from a field fenced off for the plant.

The body of Tapasi Malik was recovered in a farmland, about 40 km from here in Hooghly district, sparking fresh tension with villagers and Trinamool Congress alleging that the victim was raped and burnt by men guarding the controversial land.

Trinamool Congress chief Mamata Banerjee, whose hunger strike entered the 15th day Monday, called for a 48-hour shutdown across West Bengal Dec 21-22. Her party claims the victim was an activist protesting the acquisition of farmland by Tata Motors.

"This is barbaric. She was raped and then burnt to death. We call for a 48-hr general strike from Dec 21 to protest it," Banerjee told reporters at her hunger strike venue at Esplanade in downtown Kolkata.

Police said the body of the girl was sent for post-mortem. They did not give more details.
(Most likely it will be a cover up again like Kherlanji )

West Bengal Chief Minister Buddhadeb Bhattacharya immediately ordered a criminal investigation department (CID) inquiry into the incident.

CID sleuths have already reached Singur and started their investigation even as Banerjee demanded a CBI investigation into the incident.

According to the villagers, the girl had gone to the field in the morning to answer nature's call, when the incident happened.

She was said to be a member of the Singur Krishijami Raksha Committee (Save Singur Farmland Committee), which is spearheading the movement against the acquisition of farmlands by the Tatas.

"She was all along in the movement and had to pay with her life for that. The policemen posted there along with the Communist Party of India-Marxist (CPI-M) men raped and killed her," a villager said in Singur.

Home Secretary Prasad Ranjan Roy said the truth behind the incident would be ascertained once the post-mortem report was available.

The Trinamool Congress suspended all its protests Monday for several hours in memory of the deceased.

The alleged rape and killing could lead to further intensification of the movement against the Tata Motors where the company needs 997 acres for its project.

On Dec 2 the farmers of Singur had fought pitched battles with the police in the fields as the administration sent a huge contingent of policemen to take possession of lands and fence the plots.

The cops, who said aggressive villagers attacked them with acid bulbs and arrows, beat up women and children in Beraberi, Khaserbheri, Gopalnagar and Singerbheri villages of Singur.

At least 5,000 police personnel, Rapid Action Force and Combat Force personnel were deployed to take possession of land and had fired teargas shells and rubber bullets on the villagers.



  1. At around 5:00AM on 18th of December 2006, Tapasi Malik the only young daughter of Monoronjan Malik, a sharecropper went out in the field on nature’s call. They generally go out in the morning wee hours but the spot is not very far from their homestead. The spot happened to be now falling near to the guarded area- the area that is now guarded with barbed wires by the state government. The state government guards a space of about 1000 acres to be given over to TATA MOTORS toward their mini car factory.

    CPM goons and the police dragged Tapasi into the guarded area. She was then repeatedly gang raped and then to wipe out any proof of rape she was taken to a open pit and burnt off live. Specifically the abdominal area was totally burnt off.

    The villagers came to see the fire around 6:00 AM and rushed to the spot. The police appeared and did not allow the villagers to approach. They baton-charged them away, while they were frantically trying to remove the burnt portions of her body from the pit. The police then immediately declared that it was a case of a suicide. They then caught hold of her father and forced him to write that she had some familial problems that led her to commit suicide. Immediately the villagers pounced upon the police, they tore off all the papers and then forced the police to rewrite. Meanwhile the leaders of opposition parties and the leader of the opposition in the legislative assembly came in and made the police rewrite the FIR.

    The bogusness of the suicide theory was crystal clear.
    1. A girl of a peasant family would have used easily pesticides for that purpose, she would not have any petrol or anything.
    2. A girl would not spray petrol on her abdomen to get herself killed, generally people spray these stuff from above.
    3. Why should a girl try to seek for a pit to commit suicide and why should she first go down the pit and then push her inside.
    4. Her hair was found strewn over the different parts deep inside the guarded area.
    5. She was found with her tongue protruding out, which clearly proves she was tortured before she was burnt.
    6. Her loin clothes lay far apart from her body.
    7. Why would a girl choose a protected area to commit suicide
    8. How can a girl like that get into such a heavily guarded area if she even wanted to.
    9. Why did the police try to push a statement through her father that she committed suicide?

    There are many unanswered questions to this fantastic suicide theory. The story was actually different.
    1. Tapashi - 16 year old peasant girl was actually a leading figure in organizing the movement from the field. She did not shift places to steal the limelight. She was embedded there. A girl who is still in her schools led the sit in hunger strike of the main village. She was actually coming closer to the Naxalites.
    2. CPM goons targeted her from the day they started pouncing on the villages. She however averted arrest and that is why the police and the CPM cadres were all madly searching her.
    3. She is one among a handful of young girls who organized the movement at the grassroots level.
    4. CPM local leader Bimal Safui conspired to “teach her a lesson” and these goons and the police declared that, while ferreting suspected naxalites from the villages.

    Tapasi is the second martyr , the first one was Rajkumar Bul who succumbed to the police lathicharge on 25th of September. Tapasi’s death was brutal. The people now are far more united and now they are on the ground fighting. The whole of West Bengal is now volcanic. Peasants of areas that are targeted for forcible taking over are up in arms and are engaged in militant resistances. Tapasi lives now and will live as long as the peasantry would fight against the marauders and Capital.

  2. "Stalin Revolutionizes Turania",

    "No Nationalism",

    No Nationalism

    Where has unity with a section of the ruling class led to communism? History has many examples of this--all bad! In China the communists allied with the nationalist forces of Chiang Kai-Shek. Within years these nationalists killed thousands of communist revolutionaries. Finally, the communists had to go on the \"Long March\" to escape the nationalist butchers, and build a base area for their revolution. Incredibly enough the Chinese communists were still putting forward the concept of \"New Democracy\" instead of communism. They were still trying to ally with the better capitalists to solidify their revolutionary advance.

    In Indonesia the communists followed a similar goal, They allied with the nationalist forces around Sukarno. For a time this policy seemed to work. The Communist Party (CP) had almost two million members. The CP controlled the labor movement. The CP elected members to governmental bodies. Their leader, Aidit, was the number two official in Indonesia. Basically, they followed the parliamentary road to power through unity with the so-called better bosses. They placed the correct strategy of armed revolution for communist power on the back burner. When they seemed to be impregnable based on achieving certain legal status they moved for a putsch (military coup).

    The other side took advantage of this. The bosses still controlled the rank-and-file military. The CP forgot the old Bolshevik experience of penetrating the bosses military to develop the strategy of \"turn the guns around.\" In two days the rulers\' troops under the leadership of the officers\' corp killed two million communists and progressive Indonesians. The rivers and streams of Indonesia were red with revolutionaries\' blood. Aidit was shot quickly by the bosses\' Army.

    Unfortunately there are many of these examples. They are still going on all over the world. One of the most recent examples is the slaughter by the Aquino government of farmers in the Philippines demanding a better life. This mass slaughter of farmers and others by Aquino was going on as the government was negotiating with the communists for class peace. These negotiations for class peace are still proceeding. The communists try and justify their betrayal by portraying Aquino as better than the fascist Marcos.

    There can never be class peace! The bosses are our deadly enemy. All bosses represent their class. They will kill and kill some more in order to hold on to their slime profits. Our job isn\'t to create illusions about these greedy bosses. Our job is to organize to wipe them out with violent struggle.

    We can skip all those stages of dead communists floating down the rivers of the world because of illusions about and collusion with the enemy. We fail to see the benefit of these stages. Where has unity with the enemy ever led to victory? It is a contradiction or a bad joke in the face of all this to advance this idea. Only communism not nationalism can lead to workers\' revolution. Internationalism is the flag of communist revolution

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  3. @ soumitra

    Thank you for the information
    I have posted it on the blog.

  4. Marx Lenin Stalin Mao and Mamata......................

    long live the naxal style of proapanda. Aligning with mamata great you will adapt gobels as your brother as well.....congratulations


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