Sunday, February 18, 2007

'Heartless' Buddhadeb hiding facts over Singur, charges Mamata

'Heartless' Buddhadeb hiding facts over Singur, charges Mamata

[RxPG] Singur -, Feb 17 - Combining histrionics with humour, Trinamool Congress supremo Mamata Banerjee Saturday described West Bengal Chief Minister Buddhadeb Bhattacharya as a 'heartless emperor without clothes' out to rob the farmers of their land and the state of its democratic rights.
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Addressing her first rally at Singur after withdrawal of prohibitory orders, she alleged that the government had struck a secret deal with the Tatas, who are to set up a small car factory there.

Targeting Tata Motors and Tata Group chairman Ratan Tata, she said: 'I love the street dog in my neighbourhood more than Ratan Tata' as 'he is out to destroy about 10,000 families in the name of a Rs.100,000 car'.

'The chief minister is a heartless person. He does not have a heart. In Bengal people have no democratic rights. He is like emperor without clothes,' Mamata said as farmers protesting acquisition of land gathered there brandished their land ownership papers.

'Raja tor kapar kothai -,' she shouted, referring to the 'ways' of Buddhadeb Bhattacharya.

'If you disrobe people, you will also be without clothes.'

'He is one without even common sense. The CPI-M - is playing with fire, which will singe them,' she said.

'Why were the Tatas given this land? I am not an economist but it is plain and simple that if you subsidise a company with power, water and Rs.10 billion then it can roll out a car for Rs.100,000 for a limited period of time,' Mamata said.

'No wall of the Tatas raised by imposing Section 144 Cr PC - can stop you. The wall is not important, the people are important, their wishes are important. Those among you who have not given land, don't give. It is a battle for honour, for your mother -, for your pride, for democracy,' she told the gathering to a resounding affirmation.

The Calcutta High Court Wednesday struck down the imposition of prohibitory orders in Singur, terming it 'misuse of power'. The prohibitory orders were promulgated following violence in the area over land acquisition.

Mamata said it was not her responsibility always to maintain peace and held that 'for any violence the responsibility will be of the chief minister'.

'We are not against industry. We want industry on wasteland and agriculture on farmlands,' she maintained.

'I hear the Tatas are going to collaborate with Italy, so is this going to be a 'Tatali' - project,' she commented, as people burst into laughter.

'Singur is not alone now. We are with you,' she said.

Singur, about 40 km from here in Hooghly district, has been chosen by Tata Motors for its small car project on over 997 acres of land. The deal triggered a violent face-off between the state government and farmers, led by civil society groups and parties like Trinamool Congress.


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