Saturday, March 17, 2007

Bastar Ke Macharo ko Salaam !- Salute the mosquitos of Bastar !

Quote about Mosquitoes

Ek macchar, ek admi ko hijra bana deta hain - Nana Patekar
in some hindi movie

Hazar Macchar ek pure battalion ko hijra bana deti hain
- Naxalrevolution

Salute the Mosquitos of Bastar !

The renowed anthropologist Verrier Elwin has written in one of his
books that the adivasi's(jungle dwellers) of bastar will have always
one ally on whom they count on to protect them against the hordes
of invading barbarians and looters.
The Jungle Mosquito !

The species of mosquito's that inhabit the dense jungles of bastar
are double the size of their city cousins and during the night are
know to form swarms over your head which blocks out the

The adivasi's and the maoists have a natural resistance to these
mosquitos and any of the diseases they carry but outsiders are
known to fall like nine pins.

After reading the article below I have now acquired a great
respect for these mosquitoes and in lieu of the good work they
are doing in bastar , I have decided not to annihilate their
cousins here in the city and will henceforth only gently
swish them away

May the mosquitos of Bastar breed in millions of pools of
stagnant water and may they bite only those invaders ,
looters and barbarians who are out to loot and murder the
people of Bastar.
Mizo Battalion fighting mosquito menace

Thursday, March 15, 2007 (Bastar):

It's the sort of enemy that soldiers with the Mizo Battalion barely thought they would ever face.

Posted in Bastar in Chhattisgarh, the jawans are now battling an aerial onslaught of the female anopheles mosquito.

Of the 800 jawans of the battalion, no one has died so far of a Naxal attack. But already three have fallen prey to the female anopheles mosquito.

More than 500 are said to be in various stages of malaria.

Succumbing to malaria

The jawans say they deserve a glorified death, if at all.

"At least if I die in an encounter, my heart will be filled with pride. But if I die of a mosquito bite, it will be a matter of shame," said Narayan Thapa, Mizo Battalion.

It's not only the Mizo Battalion, which is battling the winged threat. Jawans from the Naga Battalion and the CRPF too have been victims.

In the past six months, 12 jawans have lost their lives to Naxal attacks, but more than 16 have succumbed to malaria.

Although precautions like the use of mosquito coils, nets and creams are being taken, the enemy simply refuses to relent.

"I kill at least 100 mosquitoes before going off to sleep. They still somehow manage to enter the mosquito net. I don't know how they do it," said V Lalremruata, Mizo Battalion.

While the mosquito menace has the jawans in a tizzy, state Health Minister Krishnamurti Bandhi says it's a professional hazard.

"They serve in a hostile jungle environment in the night. All the mosquito larva breeds in the jungle," said Bandhi.



  1. You little predator. Who are you?

  2. Mitigator Rules!
    I can recommend a new “scrub” product called “Mitigator Sting & Bite Treatment”; to say that it is terrific is an understatement! It actually removes venom by exfoliating the top layer of skin, opening the pores and drawing out the toxins. I had instant relief from pain and itching and all traces of the sting disappeared within minutes. I found it on the web at which is their military website. I called and they sold me (6) ½ ounce packages for about $2.00/pack (each resealable pack treats about 20 stings or bites). The only thing that can create a problem is if you wait too long to apply it, it should be rubbed in vigorously within the first few minutes after the bite or sting – the longer you wait, the less effective it is. I’ve used it on bees, wasps, fire ants (no blisters even appeared), mosquitoes and chiggers. They say it works on jellyfish but I’m a long way from the ocean so I haven’t needed it for that problem. No smelly chemicals, works great and is even safe for kids (the scrubbing replaces scratching so – no secondary infections). I should make a commercial for them!


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