Wednesday, March 21, 2007

CPI(Maoist) 9th Congress - Resolution Against Hindu Fascism

Resolution Against Hindu Fascism

The crisis of the Indian ruling classes is all round affecting not only the economic sphere, but also the social and political spheres. This is resulting in growing anger and revulsion of the masses of the people against the reactionary ruling classes. They are finding it increasingly difficult to continue their oppressive rule in the old forms. Consequently the ruling classes have developed fascist social forces with the aim of establishing full fledged fascist rule. Through this they hope not only to overcome this crisis but also establish rule with consent, and facilitate the intensification of imperialist exploitation. Under the “patriotic garb” of Hindutva policies, they are meekly implementing the imperialist-dictated policies of liberalization-privatisation-globalisation, especially after the 80’s. For this they are conducting a Hindu fascist campaign, on the basis of which they will try to establish open terrorist forms of rule.

Since the early ’80s, the ruling classes have been promoting Hindu communalism, targeting religious minorities, with the hope of uniting the Hindu majority behind themselves. The Babri Masjid demolition in 1992 was a devious act committed with this very hope. The main vehicle of the Hindu fascist onslaught has been the BJP-RSS combine with its storm trooper organisations like the VHP, Bajarang Dal, etc. The Shiv Sena in Maharashtra too has been propped up to achieve this end. The Hindu fascists are particularly dangerous since they have the support of the most important arms of the state in all their activities.

Feb 2002 was a high point when the Hindu fascist forces in their laboratory, the BJP-ruled state of Gujarat, organized the worst-ever communal genocide since 1947. Thousands of muslims were brutally killed, thousands burnt alive or maimed. Hundreds of muslim women were gang-raped and murdered. Muslim property was targeted with absolute precision and destroyed by Hindu state organized goons of VHP, RSS and Bajrang Dal in connivance with state armed forces. Even after four years, many of them have not been able to return to their native places because of the threat of Hindu fascists.

While Gujarat was their own laboratory, similar hate campaigns against muslims were taken in Karnataka at Baba Budanagiri mazar, in Madhya Pradesh at Jhabua, in Rajasthan, in Maharashtra at Malegaon, and at various other places. They use the smallest opportunity to flare up the sentiments against muslims, like with the singing of vande mataram.

The Indian state too has targeted muslims, branding them “terrorist.” After the 9/11 incident and the Parliament Attack Case muslims were targeted once again. Every muslim is supposed to prove his patriotism time and again. Indian state forces are even capturing and annihilating innocent muslims now and then, in the name of nabbing terrorists. Evidences implicating state and hindutva forces in “attacks” are being willfully suppressed, as can be seen in the Afzal Guru case and the attack on RSS headquarters at Nagpur.

The Cong-led UPA came to power projecting itself as a secular force, but it is the Congress party itself that has been mainly responsible for most of the communal riots ever since the transfer of power. Congress party is even more pernicious. It projects itself as a messiah of muslims, but in real practice it leaves no stone unturned to spread malicious propaganda against muslims and other minorities. The anti-Sikh pogroms of 1984 were one such example. In the name of equally opposing all types of fundamentalism, CPI and CPI[M] have actually helped in maintaining the status-quo of domination by the Hindu fascists. Various regional parties have made alliances with the Hindu fascists for the sake of votes and have become apologists for the Hindu fascists.

These Hindu fascists are trying to impose a hegemonistic Hindu culture on the various culturally diverse people of India. While their attacks are mainly concentrated against muslims, they are also targeting Christians, especially in the tribal areas, aggressively converting tribals to Hinduism. Similarly, they also attack dalits.

The Unity Congress - 9th congress of the CPI(Maoist) calls upon the revolutionary masses, all democratic forces and the oppressed religious minorities to unite in a struggle against the Hindu fascists. The worldwide experience of the struggle against fascism teaches that the fascists can be defeated only by militant class struggle in the streets, factories and in the rest of the countryside. The fascists can be defeated only by isolating them from the people and smashing their organizational forces, and by developing and intensifying protracted peoples’ war with the aim of new democratic revolution, then socialism and ultimately establishing communism.

The CPI(Maoist) pledges to fight resolutely against each and every instance of the trampling on the democratic rights of the oppressed minorities and others by the Hindu fascists. It pledges to do its best to defend the sections of the population targeted by the Hindu fascists. Our party is willing to unite in a broad front with all the genuine democratic forces which would be willing to fight back the Hindu fascist offensive

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