Saturday, March 24, 2007

Naxal ! Naxal ! Everywhere, Oh ! What a sight to see !

Naxal ! Naxal ! Everywhere, Oh ! What a sight to see !

The ruling class tyrants and their lackeys have of late begun to
suffer from mass delusions and paranoia. So great is their
paranoia that they have begun to imagine naxalites anywhere
and everywhere.These attacks of madness have only
increased in their frequency and intensity in the last one year.

One begins to wonder if we are slowly slipping into an era
similar to that of the psycopathic lunatic tyrant Indira Gandhi ?
who always imagined that an invisible hand was trying
to molest her and one day when she finally lost her mental
balance it resulted in the imposition of the emergency.

If only Indira Gandhi had visited a psychiatrist and
taken her medicine on time , so many lives need not have
been lost in the 1970's.

The way things are going in this country I think it won't be
long before those emergency days return.

Already emergency like conditions characterized by an
atmosphere of fear , large scale state repression ,
disappearances and murders of activists and social workers
exists in large parts of the country.

It's only a matter of time before this same terror is
unleashed in all the major cities all over the country.

Intelligence agencies imagine scientists to be Maoists

A married couple with BARC was recently found to have an ultra-Red background by intelligence agencies. When confronted by authorities, the two did not conceal their ideological leanings.

The two have since left the facility, but the incident has shaken the security establishment over the network of activists and sympathisers that the naxals have built up among scientists.

Bhabha Atomic Research Centre(BARC)Bhabha Atomic Research centre

Security agencies recently unearthed an R&D unit of naxalites near Bhopal and found that a number of such wings were running in different parts of India.

The extent of naxals’ efforts to run their own R&D unit was revealed by the government in Lok Sabha on Tuesday, only two days before Maoists used an improved version of petrol bombs against policemen. Though naxals had used such bombs earlier, preliminary reports of the attack revealed their more potent use, indicating Maoist expertise in making the conventional bomb more deadly.


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