Sunday, March 18, 2007

Some Pictures of Maoists from various parts of India

An assorted collection of pictures taken from the Internet.
If you have any quality images of Maoist revolutionaries of India please email them to
our email addresses or leave a link to them in the comments section

Cadre of the erstwhile PWG

Dalam members engaged in discussions to chalk out strategy

Members of the Jana Natya Mandali perform in front of a dalam

People Power !

A memorial for those butchered by the State

A dalam member interacting with adivasis

Mass rally in Hyderabad

March of the Maoists !

A maoist cadre cooks in a make-shift camp

A senior Naxalite commander known as Comrade Kosa addresses about 5,000 tribal militiamen and supporters at an April rally near Bastar, India.

Resistance Today ! Revolution Tomorrow !


  1. i feel astonished after watching the thosands of people listening to the comrade's speech......i also believe that more percentage of indian people have faith on naxalism....but they don't have the bravery to show it in public...I also demand before u that they shouldnot blindly take the lives of policemen as they are guided by the government, rather they do the awareness about the concept..u should take necessary revolutionary steps to punish the rapist and the wicked men who is diluting our glorious society...

  2. why not u try to punish peoplr like a.raja .kalmadi,madhu koda ,and others who are sitting in palatial bunglows and court is also impotent before them

  3. you people do the same thing as the govt. is doing,using force and fear to take over the system they name it democracy,you name it people failed to provide a model of system even in your stronghold which you can claim that will be better than the present system.

  4. How naxals could be good citizens? When they support separatists of kashmir. Rapes&sexual harrasment is often made by naxal has seen the misery&suffocation of communist country people. Our system has loop holes too. Let us solve it democratically with justification. Remember two wrongs doesn't make a right. Pl. Don't drag the name of sahid-e-aajam . Bhagat singh. He was a great patriot india will ever have. Jai hind. Vande matram. Long live. India.

  5. your mission may be right but your path is totally wrong. Killing innocent people will not help this country. Police and CRPF personnel are our family member just like tribal and maoists are. If you have so many support, why don't you take this matter to national level peacefully. Recently the movement for lokpal bill gain support from all over the country because it was a peaceful movement. Believe me there are millions of people who will support you if you leave violence, but nobody will support you if you will kill innocent people. Do you think you are making future of children by burning their schools, that is a very shameful act, instead you should help them to study so that in future they will get jobs and they understand their good or bad. Everyone exploits illiterate people and currently you guys are doing the same.


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