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Communist Party of India (Maoist) Central Military Commission (CMC) Press release

Source: We received the following documents in an email from an unknown individual.These documents are two to three years old and have been published in Peoplesmarch before and released to the media.
Posting it here for the archives

Communist Party of India (Maoist)

Central Military Commission (CMC)

Press Release

Statement of CMC on the occasion of 5th formation day of PLGA

(2 December to 8 December)

The CMC is proud to announce on the 5th foundation day of the PLGA, the formation of a strong People’s Liberation Guerrilla Army (PLGA) under a unified Communist Party of India i.e. CPI(Maoist). Earlier this People’s Liberation Guerrilla Army was under the leadership of two separate Maoist revolutionary parties – the PGA under the leadership of the CPI(ML)(PW) which was formed on 2 December 2000 and PLGA under the leadership of the MCCI which was formed on 22 April, 2003. With the merger of both the revolutionary parties on 21 September 2004, and the formation of a unified party, the CPI(Maoist), naturally the people’s guerrilla army and people’s liberation guerrilla army of the two organisations also unified and became a strong People’s Liberation Guerrilla Army. The formation of this army is a big leap towards the formation of the second important weapon amongst three magic weapons of revolution.

It is historical event in the Indian revolution. It is also an important turning point in revolutionary struggle. With this merger of both the guerrilla armies, the strength of the army has become doubled, and capability increased manifold. There will be a qualitative leap in the revolutionary struggle.

This People’s Liberation Guerrilla Army (PLGA), while intensifying the revolutionary struggle, will fulfill the present primary, principal and immediate task of formation of army and base areas, while transforming the guerrilla zones into guerrilla bases and will move forward towards establishing base areas and develop itself into a PLA from the PLGA. In this period it would intensify the armed agrarian revolutionary guerrilla war and in order to effectively face the different kinds of cruel encirclement repression campaigns of the government under the Joint Operation Command (JOC) being conducted with the cruel intention of suppressing the revolutionary struggle; while bringing the broadest sections of the people into mass resistance struggles; it would conduct counter campaign and defeat its encirclement-repression; and after smashing the local rule of enemy in the rural areas it would form the revolutionary people’s government of the people i.e. the rule of the toiling people, and will protect it and develop it. Also in order to change the agrarian revolutionary guerrilla war / people’s war at a countrywide scale, it will, on the one hand recruit large numbers of young men and women into the army and on the other, by organising and arming the broad masses, in order to form people’s militia, it will thus recruit vast numbers of people into the PLGA. This will create a revolutionary upsurge all over the country, and will develop and expand base areas all over the country by intensifying the armed agrarian revolutionary guerrilla war; and by consolidating and changing one by one area into liberated area, it will establish the independent rule of the toiling people.

The CMC appeals to all the military commissions, commands and all the members of the PLGA under it, that, as part of the week-long campaign (2 December to 8th December), on the occasion of the 5th formation day of the PLGA, to make successful the campaign of wide recruitment in the PLGA and to accomplish the programmes of political propaganda, torchlight processions, public meetings and mass resistance. It also appeals to the toiling people, including peasants and workers, that, in order to strengthen your people’s army, and to change the PLGA into a PLA and to form your peoples government, young men and women should join the PLGA and peoples militia squads in large numbers. By participating in thousands in the torchlight procession and public meetings on this occasion of the formation day, let us make it a grand success.

Convert guerrilla zones into base areas!

Convert People’s Liberation Guerrilla Army into People’s Liberation Army!!

Recruit toiling young women and men into PLGA!!!

Intensify the armed agrarian revolutionary guerrilla war!!!!

With revolutionary greetings,

(Basava Raju)

In Charge,

Central Military Commission

Communist Party of India (Maoist)

20th November 2004

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