Thursday, April 19, 2007

Naxalites ban on Mahua tree

Naxalites ban on Mahua tree
Chronicle News Service

Baidhan, Apr 16: In the adjoining areas of Chhattisgarh the naxals have issued an order to the villagers not to pluck Mahua flowers. The naxals claim that their right on the forest products remains and threatened even to the forest department not to cut bamboos and they have banned on picking Tendu leaves.

Now the villagers have been facing a new order of the naxals. As the naxals have threatened the villagers to kill.

If sources are to be believed, then the most naxal affected area is Mada police station area where the villagers have received threatening.

In Dhari village the situation is so critical because if any villager goes to pick Mahua flowers at his own tree, he is threatened by the naxal associates.

Suresh Kumar Jaiswal of the same village complained to ASP in writing and said that he has 26 Mahua trees and had been picking its flowers continuously every year.

But on March 27,2007 some persons who told them selves as members of Naxal organisation banned to pick Mahua flowers from his own trees.

The complainant lodged a report in this connection at Mada police station on March 30, 2007 and April 10,2007 but no avail and he was receiving threatening continuously.

The complainant said that the accused openly said that they were the members of naxal group.

Mada police is mute on these incidents due to this the villagers are facing problems. Now the police have also surrendered before the naxals.


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