Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Chhattisgarh Terror Police exhibiting their natural behaviour

Khakhi Rakshashas exhibiting their natural behaviour

One Khaki Rakshas kicks the old adivasi in his face while another pulls his
hair , the other two Rakshashas watch with amusement,
while the old man breaks down into tears.

This type of behaviour can been seen all over Chhattisgarh and
more so in Bastar where msotly non-adivasi police personnel rape,
murder and loot the adivasi's at will. Most adivasi's
are considered sub-humans by caste hindus who now rule Chhattisgarh.

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After British Raj it is now Bania Raj(rule of merchants) in Chhattisgarh

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  1. Well,
    I can not call myself a pure extremist, but yes i'm in favour of punishing those who are involved in such crimes like the one shown above... It all about the Govt. Jaisi Govt hogi...Police bhi vaisi hi hogi...Neta Bhrasht to Police bhi Bhrasht...Per mera maan na ye hai ki saare Policewaale gande nahi hote... bas unko freedom nahi hai apne vichaar rakhne ka...meri aur aapki tarah... When a girl is raped and assaulted a Police Jawan is equally boiling in anger to kick the ass of the culprit like normal people... but he has to follow the law more than us... hum to ek baar maar bhi dein lekin unko sochna padta hai... recently a very good Movie named "Paan Singh Tomar " was released. It shows about the poor poor situation of our Indian administration...and how a simple common man....a national athlete.....turned into a Bandit... U should watch it if possible...

  2. अखिलेश की रथयात्रा में शामिल होने उमड़ा जनसैलाब

  3. अखिलेश की रथयात्रा में शामिल होने उमड़ा जनसैलाब

  4. अखिलेश की रथयात्रा में शामिल होने उमड़ा जनसैलाब


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