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Press release of State Committe of CPI(Maoist) Karnataka regarding government approach towards people; it's anti people stance and other issues.

Source : Recieved via email from unknown individual

Respected Editors, Reporters and Representatives of the media, struggle greetings to you. We are sending this press release regarding government approach towards people; it's anti people stance and other issues.

Requesting to consider this for the favour of publication in the esteemed media.

Yours in Struggle,

For the State Committee

CPI (Maoist) Karnataka


Press Release

Karnataka government is grabbing by force, poor people's land in the name of encroachment or illegal holdings. In Bengalooru thousands of acres of such lands of the poor and slum dwellers are grabbed forcefully by the government in the name of rule of law! Etc. Government dealt unlawfully and mercilessly with the protesting poor people without sparing women and children. They were beaten, vulgarly abused and dragged out, booked under several cases by the state police and officials.They were throwing away even from their makeshift huts also.Government literally buldoging their lives without sparing even women and children.They were pushing towards suicide by the democratic !? government.

Chief Minister H.D. Kumara Swami's much publicized anti land grabbing measures targeted poor and slum dwellers only. Not acted against big corporate houses, big real estate people, big politicians, big landlords who are holding hundreds and thousands of acres illegally of public land. Contrarily those forcefully confiscated lands of the poor are handing over to the same above said people, in the guise of public auction by projecting as fetching crores of rupees income to the government. This is nothing but government's well carved anti people stance and it acting as an agent of big corporate houses etc. This is not other than conspiracy of government and big corporate houses and real estate people etc, against the people of the land. These are all implementing in the name of law. Recently another such draconian law passed in the assembly i.e. Karnataka land revenue (amendment) act. It provides arresting and fining people, who are in public lands.

In Western Ghats, government is moving towards eviction of the poor and landless peasants by different means. In Thatkola of Mudigere, evicted people without paying basic minimum compensation as per their assurance prior to the eviction. They become homeless and landless. Recent rains, smashed their make shift huts also. This is repeating in Devanahalli,Baagalakota of Bijapur etc. They were thrown from hot pan into the burning fire. It was similar in the case of Seabird, Kaiga,Nagarahole,Bandipur, etc. Other such incidents are happening in malnad , karavali and other area.

In Nandikur of Dakshina Kannada eviction Process is going on. Government joined its hands with Nagarjuna Company, by giving all support and protection to its anti people moves. Neglecting people's severe opposition to the project, government and its agencies are indulging in all practices of diffusing people's movement by buying leaders, dividing people by bribes, instigating groupism, playing cheap election politics etc. Some of its leaders are compromised with the company itself.

In Gundya near Sakleshpur government protecting upcoming private power project-which is against to the interests of the people of the land- without considering people's dissent there. Another power project in Tadadi of north canara, proposed to come inspite of people's opposition to it.

Several reports of oppression, exploitation, social boycott, murder and attacks on daliths and women are coming from all parts of Karnataka. It is increasing, state and its organs are directly or indirectly involving, supporting in most of the cases.

Communal violence is growing, by ill fabricated plans of communal and state forces.

Farmer's suicides are increasing rapidly; this affected all most all districts of the state, irrespective of irrigated and non-irrigated area. Recent sugar cane grower's and tomato grower's problems are the fuel to the burning fire.

Roadside vendors, petty businessmen, small and middle scale industries are in the brink of crisis-created by ruling class by imperialist globalization and opening retail sector to foreign and comprador bourshoiesies such as Wall mart, Metro, Reliance, Sunilmittals etc. Enable to get control over all retail market; they are playing all anti people cruel games jointly with governments. Several SEZ's are upcoming, peasants of Hassan entered into the field of struggle against the formation of SEZ there. Such, more than 30 SEZs are coming in the state; lakhs of hectares of agricultural lands of the people are handing over to the foreign and comprador corporate by the government.

Displacement and destruction of people's life are the order of the day. It may in the name of beautification of cities, forest and environment protection, water projects, power projects, mining projects, expressways, shopping malls, SEZ's, SAZ's (special agricultural zones) etc.

We can say that all these projects are against the interests of the people and the country itself. This is intensification of neocolonial loot and exploitation by the imperialist masters and their stooges. Governments are puppets under them.

Recent budgets of the state and center are looks like pro people and development oriented. Some policies like tribal bill are looking like pro people ones. It contains popular schemes and attractive plans. These are directly linked with imperialist and comprador's upcoming projects and plans. These are all sweet-layered deadly poisons, to make people to chew and swallow it them selves.

Karnataka government's recent budget contains several these types of attractive incentives to the people. It announced arrack ban, lottery ban, and waiver of farmer's loans, liberal donations to the Hindu religious institutions etc. It also contains cheap election gimmicks and dangerous communal agenda of further fascisising the ruling system and organizing people into that trap by the state.

All these exercises are for evading public unrest and revolt against the government and their masters. To intensify further efforts of suppression on revolutionary armed struggles and other struggles. By that, creating favourable condition for the imperialists and comprador's plan of intensified loot and exploitation.

Actually arrack ban is for providing arrack market to foreign and comprador corporate distilleries, they are now releasing wines, whisky etc, in small bottles or sachets with relatively lower prices to grab arrack market. Lottery ban's drama already exposed as it came back by court's help. Then waiver of farmers loan not yet reached to the dieing and common peasants. At the same time tax concessions, tax holidays, giving capital loans with less interest or without interest in essence; free or cheap land, water and power provision for IT,BT,and other big industry etc, running unhinderly and also increasing rapidly.

If we analyze those popular budgets and its schemes, we can conclude that it will not be implemented in the interests of the people. It is a hoax and conspiracy for intensified loot, suppression and sufferings of people of the land. H.D. Kumaraswamy's village stay is also one of hoax dramas for hiding his government's anti people acts and policies.

We are strongly condemning all these anti people acts, policies of the government and opposing state violence and human right abuse on people, in pretext of implementing these ill intentional plans and schemes

We insist to stop immediately all imperialist and comprador schemes and plans.
We are demanding immediate withdrawal of all false cases on agitating people, who are struggling for life and land.
Punish those officials who are indulging in imposing violence on people by violating their own law.

We appeal all poor and common people to fight resolutely and unitedly, by all means to safeguard their life and land by avoiding all election politicians and parties. Do not heed to ruling class's attractively fabricated conspiracies of suppression. That is only the way for survival, development and construction of new democratic society.
We appeal all pro people democratic forces to rise their voices against government move on common people, expose those anti people schemes and plans of government before the people and support peoples struggles.

With revolutionary greetings


For the state committee

5/5/2007 CPI (Maoist)

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